In 1972 a crack commando unit... Oops, wrong show. But you cant blame me, The Units intro sounds eerily like The A-Teams, which only makes it cooler in my book. And to paraphrase his highness Hannibal Smith, I love it when a show comes together, 'cause this baby has officially arrived. Last night's episode was tight I honestly don't know which plot was more nerve-racking, the embassy op (the fellas) or the security leak (the ladies). I had no idea what Jonas was up to; I was totally convinced he'd blown the mission. I should've known better than to doubt our boys, because they pulled an op that would've made Jack Bauer proud. And exactly what percentage of Jonas' workday is spent telling various government agencies where they can stick it? Whatever it is, double it. Mad props to Colonel Tom for using the scrunching-up-paper trick to fake static on the call with the CIA stooge that old chestnut has gotten me through many a relationship and more than a couple of job interviews.

Speaking of the (not so) honorable colonel, at least he manned up and dumped Tiffy sort of. Just when he thinks he's out, she pulls him back in with the taking-off-her-pants trick, roughly as reliable as the paper scrunching. Question: was that Colonel Tom who knocked on Tiffy's motel-room door at the end? She called the guy "Colonel," but if it was him, why not show his face? And if it wasn't him, who was it? We haven't met any other colonels, have we? I may have to go back and check the Freevo, by which I mean the piles of tapes on my VCR. Bottom line: the episode went above and beyond, thanks in no small part to David Mamet's pulling double duty with the writing and directing. The man's a genius, and frightens me terribly. Mr. Mamet, if you're reading this: don't hurt me. Do keep doing what your doing, whatever it is, 'cause it's good.