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13 Reasons Why Teaser Says Season 2 Is Coming Sooner Than You Thought

Let's break down some of the clues, shall we?

Lindsay MacDonald

13 Reasons Whyfinally has a Season 2 teaser and premiere date, but it seems things are not what they appear to be.

The new teaser, shot with Matrix-style cameras that capture moments frozen in time, runs through the list of characters we're most eager to revisit from Clay (Dylan Minette) to Jessica (Alisha Boe) to Bryce (Justin Prentice). It depicts their outward personas -- carefree and happy high schoolers -- but with glimpses into their horrific personal lives via polaroid pictures.

The pictures also house clues about what's to come in Season 2 if you look close enough!

Season 1 ended with Hannah's (Katherine Langford) tapes falling into her mother's hands, and the lawyers investigating the school's culpability in her suicide discovering their existence. A "Summons to Appear" can be seen laying on Clay's bed in the trailer, and several polaroids threaten him (and Jessica) to keep quiet about the truth of Hannah's death. Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) can also be seen shoving Bryce's file into his desk drawer, and Tony's (Christian Navarro) sporting some serious bruises for some reason. Sounds like more high stakes drama is ahead in Season 2.

The teaser also announced a premiere date for the second season, which is much closer than expected.

13 Reasons Why Season 2 drops May 18 on Netflix.

​Christian Navarro, 13 Reasons Why

Christian Navarro, 13 Reasons Why