"Adulting" is really hard and it seems that the stress never ends between rough days at work, paying bills and trying to maintain a healthy social life. It's a lot for one person to handle, and TVGuide.com just wants you to know that we get it.

That's why we've compiled a list of shows available on your primary streaming services to help you unwind. We've included something for everyone, whether you like a bit of nostalgia, silliness or butt-kicking violence to get your mind off of things. So put on those sweatpants, grab the remote and prepare to actually chill with these "happy place" streaming options.

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1. Bob's Burgers (Netflix) - It doesn't matter who you are, there is a member of the quirky Belcher family that represents your soul and that's why this show will get you to that happy place. Bob's Burgers makes you root for everyone and with its insanely comical musical numbers, there's not an episode that can't put a smile on your face.

2. Friends (Netflix) - For years shows have tried to replicate the comedic magic of six friends hanging out together and trying to navigate their romantic lives in New York City, but none have captured it the way that Friends did. Whether you're here for Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler or think that someone missed the boat with a Phoebe and Joey 'ship, you can find the complete series on Netflix.

3. Parks and Recreation (Hulu, Netflix) - Parks and Recreation went from a rocky start to being one of the most beloved comedies of its generation. There is no one who can inspire you out of a funk the way that Amy Poehler's spunky Leslie Knope can (nor is there anyone who can give you a better comeback for your haters than Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson). If it's a particularly rough day, skip forward "The Fight" (Season 3, Episode 13) to Snake Juice the blues away.

4. Big Brother (CBS All Access) - Maybe you're the type of person who needs some reality show brawls to unwind. There's a solution for that too! Every Big Brother episode is available on CBS All Access, so you can watch people with cabin fever scheme, hook up and fight their way to victory.

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5. The West Wing (Netflix) - If you are disgruntled with the current real-life election madness, you can escape to a liberal Aaron Sorkin dream world on The West Wing. There's no Donald Trump penis references or Hillary Clintonpandering here — just seven seasons' worth of fast-paced eloquent speeches on how the world should be. Martin Sheen's "Bible lesson" monologue is still one for the ages.

6. Happy Endings (Hulu) - Happy Endings is a genius comedy that never got its due when it was on the air. Never fear! Hulu is saving the day by having the complete (too-short) series for you to stream. It's the story of seven Real World housemates, after the cameras have shut off and they're still friends as they enter their 30s. Just kidding. Sort of. There's six of them and only two were on The Real World: Sacramento, which never aired because a housemate burned the house down. That's the type of zany, pop culture-infused humor the show did so well. There's also an all-star cast with Elisha Cuthbert, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans Jr. and Casey Wilson. So find out what happens when you stop putting this off and start getting real (invested in this show).

7. The IT Crowd (Netflix) - Perhaps you would prefer to travel across the pond for a comedic escape. Enter The IT Crowd, a British sitcom about an inept IT department of a Fortune 500 company. Richard Ayoade is a standout as Moss and the ridiculous adventures the three compadres get up to in their dank basement will have your sides splitting in no time (and make you forget how terrible your own job is).

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8. Buffy the VampireSlayer (Hulu) - If you prefer to work out your stress with some angst and aggression, then Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the way to go. It even comes with a huge helping of '90s WB nostalgia. Sarah Michelle Gellar is the epitome of badass in this vampire classic and the storytelling still holds up more than 15 years later.

9. Archer (Netflix) - Want a splash of adult in your cartoons? Look no further than FX's strong PG-13 spy comedy Archer. It gets dirty, ridiculous and just plain hilarious as Archer fumbles through being a super spy. This show is best served with vodka and gummy bears.

10. '90s Nicktoons (Hulu) - This is technically more than one show, but they all scratch the same itch. The complete series of Doug, Hey Arnold, Rugrats and more are available on Hulu for you to relive your childhood Saturdaymornings. There's nothing like reverting back to a simpler time to get your mind off whatever is stressing you out at the moment.

What do you stream to get to your happy place?

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