Question: What were your Top 10 favorite shows of 2005, and why?

Answer: I thought you'd never ask, Jackie!

1. Battlestar Galactica: I haven't been this excited about a TV show since... ever. And if that makes me a sci-fi geek, so be it. (But please, no wedgies.)
2. Deadwood: Can't understand what they're sayin' half the time, but I sure like how they're sayin' it.
3. Lost: Season 2 not only exceeded my expectations, it upended them.
4. Grey's Anatomy: Makes me want to be a doctor, if only to hang out with these people. And have lots of sex.
5. Veronica Mars: If this is what happens when UPN meddles with a show, I say keep those notes coming!
6. The Shield: As bold and unpredictable as ever. Case in point: Who would have thought the male-dominated Shield would give us the year's most complex female character in Glenn Close's Monica Rawling?
7. 24: Despite a shaky finish, Day 4 ranks as the most thrilling yet.
8. My Name Is Earl: Imagine that an NBC comedy that's both original and funny.
9. Entourage: Once the show dove into the Aquaman arc finally giving the boys a common purpose it started moving along... well, swimmingly. (Get it? Aquaman. Dove. Swimmingly. Oh, forget it.)
10. Everwood: Redefining the family drama one smartly written, brilliantly acted episode at a time. It's my new Felicity.

Honorable mention: Gilmore Girls, Rescue Me, The Office, Project Runway, Arrested Development, Over There, The Comeback, Carnivale, Extras and Prison Break.