Bob Saget, <EM>1 vs 100</EM> Bob Saget, 1 vs 100

Best known for benign turns on Full House and America's Funniest Home Videos, Bob Saget shattered his wholesome image with extremely ribald appearances on HBO's Entourage and in the film The Aristocrats. The comic showed us a little bit of both personalities when he chatted about hosting NBC's 1 vs 100 (Fridays at 8 pm/ET), the latest game show from the Deal or No Deal folks.

TV Guide: Why 1 vs 100?
Saget: It's the most amazing thing ever made. [Laughs] I've been saying no to game shows since the video show. But [the producers] said I was the only guy who could do this, because once we got the palette laid that sounds like I'm having sex with an art student there's no script.

TV Guide: So you could show off your quick wit?
Saget: Or "quick-twitted," if I were in England. It kind of combines my stand-up with conventional old-school TV. I keep calling it a quiz show, because I'm hoping we'll have a scandal.

TV Guide: Any game-show hosts you looked to for inspiration?
Saget: I would say Groucho. I just loved You Bet Your Life. It was the perfect format for him. I started to like [the genre] again with Millionaire, because I could watch it with my kids.

TV Guide: Like you do with The Aristocrats?
Saget: My oldest daughter, who's 19, did see that. She was like, "I'm walking into the theater," and I said, "Please don't do this," but it was too late. My mother wanted to see it, and I said, "No, you don't." It would finish her. But all my kids know me, they know that it's just words and that Dad is just like a 9-year-old hyper boy. I'm the guy that [comes over] your house, gets the kids all hyped up and then leaves when they have to go to bed. I'm Uncle Bob.

TV Guide: Does Full House still haunt you?
Saget: I don't think it "haunts." I was talking to [John] Stamos the other day, and we were saying the "stigma" of Full House is only to be used in our favor now. It's, like, cool that we were all on it   even though he had a mullet and I had a bouffant. People wonder if my character was gay, and I say, "I don't think so...." Although Jesse looked good.

TV Guide: Did you ever think America's Funniest Home Videos would have lasted this long?
Saget: I did, actually. I thought it'd last forever, because it's Candid Camera. The people supply the material. And Tom [Bergeron] is the perfect host for it, because he doesn't get in the way of the videos. I would try to score comedically, and that doesn't always serve you. There are only four ways to narrate somebody getting hit in the nuts.

TV Guide: You're directing a parody of March of the Penguins, aren't you?
Saget: Yes, The Farce of the Penguins. It comes out in January. It's R-rated, man. It's a stoner movie. Samuel L. Jackson narrates.

TV Guide: And you also supply the narration for How I Met Your Mother.
Saget: Yeah! I really like that show. It fills a sitcom void, because I'm obsessed with relationships and how they weave in and out. I think the mother should [turn out to] be some really sleazy bar woman, some whore. Or, maybe I [Ted] go through a sex change, [and] I am their mother. [Laughs]

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