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Yellowbeard Reviews

A directionless jumble of comedy skits--some work, but most don't--which has to do with the efforts of a villainous pirate (Graham Chapman) to locate a treasure he buried years earlier. The map is tattooed on the head of his homosexual son (Martin Hewitt) who wants no part of his father's adventurous life. There are about as many laughs in the film's 101 minutes as in a three-minute sketch by the Monty Python troupe, from which much of the cast hails. The credits read like a "Who's Who" of British comedy and also include US counterculture comics Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong (in completely unfunny roles), Peter Boyle (in a role originally set for rock drummer Keith Moon who is reputed to have come up with the idea for the film), James Mason (in a wonderfully restrained performance), and rock personality and actor David Bowie. Appearing in his final film is Marty Feldman, who died during production.