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When Worlds Collide Reviews

If the naive dramatic situations and trite idealism can be ignored, the viewer is in for an amazing spectacle of special effects in WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE. These were good enough to warrant an Academy Award in 1951 (the film was also nominated for its cinematography), especially worth noting since THE THING and THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL were also in the running. The story concerns efforts to build a spaceship that will take 40 people to a new world, actually the satellite of a planet that will eventually crash into the Earth. Keating is the scientist who verifies that a planet is running wild through the solar system. Though the government does not accept his hypothesis, the filthy rich Hoyt does, and helps commission the building of the ship. His purposes are totally selfish, so he and Keating can be unemotionally gotten out of the way to allow the younger people to go to the new world and continue the human race. The special effects include such hazards as New York being flooded, plus the actual takeoff of the ship and its landing on the new world.