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Weird Science Reviews

WEIRD SCIENCE is a complete turnaround for writer-director John Hughes, a puerile comedy that relies on scatological humor and special effects to carry its weight. Gary (Anthony Michael Hall) and Wyatt (Ilan M. Mitchell-Smith) are two geeky high school freshmen whose prurience is surpassed only by their social ineptitude. The two take refuge in science fiction, computer technology, and their own hormonally inspired fantasies. After watching FRANKENSTEIN on the late, late show, Gary and Wyatt devise an elaborate computer program, hoping to create the perfect woman. A few computer-generated special effects later, they achieve their goal, transforming an ordinary Barbie doll into Lisa (Kelly LeBrock)--a living, breathing mastubatory dream who radiates sensuality and a bit of magic. As it turns out, this object of the boys' joint desire won't let herself be objectified; still, her presence empowers them to fight for social status and against local bullies. Hughes takes a potentially interesting premise then lets it wallow in an unashamed display of lowbrow humor and tiresome special effects. Le Brock plays her character with a sense of style and wit, something the rest of WEIRD SCIENCE largely lacks. It all makes for a forgettable teen exploitation flick that occasionally feels like a mediocre science-fiction version of the far superior RISKY BUSINESS (1983).