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The Maze Reviews

This strange piece features Carlson and Hurst as a couple about to be married. He is summoned back to his ancestral home in Scotland and does not return. Worried, Hurst follows her love, accompanied by Emery, her aunt and constant chaperone. They find Carlson at his family's castle but are shocked to discover him prematurely grey and refusing to speak to them. They walk about the castle until coming onto a hedge maze. Entering, Emery spots something unusual at the center. Closer investigation proves the unusual thing to be a hideous man-frog. It is revealed that the amphibious humanoid is Carlson's 200-year-old ancestor. Its climactic death frees the man from a curse, and he marries Hurst. Though somewhat hampered by its minuscule budget, this 3-D nightmare is fascinating to look at. The direction moves the story suspensefully through its eerie sets (designed by the director). The man-frog practically leaps out at the audience with the 3-D effects. The actors take their roles seriously, making this a cut above average.