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The Body Disappears Reviews

Fine special effects highlight this variation of the "invisible man" theme. Lynn is the butt of a bachelor party practical joke in which he is placed--unconscious and limp with drink--in the medical school morgue. There his comatose body is stolen by Best, assistant to a crackpot professor, Horton, to be injected with a substance that will restore the dead to life. Instead, it renders the benumbed Lynn invisible. He recovers and is naturally mortified at his condition. Horton promises to devise an antidote, and Lynn has to remain at the professor's home. There he encounters Wyman, who has long loved Lynn from afar. Invisibility has its advantages, and Lynn comes to discover that his fiance, Chapman, is only going to marry him for mercenary reasons, and he dumps her for Wyman. A fine, funny B movie with Horton and wide-eyed Best giving fine comic performances.