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Sol Goode Reviews

Though a capable actor, Balthazar Getty lacks the sleazy charisma to play a womanizer in the ALFIE (1966) mode. Sol Goode (Getty) dreams of becoming an actor, but spends more time seducing women than auditioning for roles; he doesn't even have enough money for his share of the rent. Sol's roommate, Justin Sax (Jamie Kennedy), is engaged to be married and too tapped out to cover for his pal again. Justin works as an assistant to neurotic super agent Burnadette Best (Cheri Oteri), who constantly barks orders and expects Justin to clean up after her dog. But Sol doesn't want to tolerate abuse to collect a paycheck; he won't even consider his father's (Robert Wagner) offers to help Sol get work as an umpire. Like his narcissistic buddy, Cooper (Danny Comden), Sol is heading for his thirties with the mind-set of a teenager. While Sol's close pal, Chloe (Katherine Towne), is fed up with the superficiality of the dating scene, Sol is happy to score one-night stands. But he gets a wake-up call in the form of a visit from his handsome cousin, Happy (Johnathon Schaech); not only does Happy get a gig on a commercial without even trying, but Chloe looks as though she's falling for him as well. Sol and Chloe may be platonic best friends, but for some pig-headed reason he can't stand the idea that she might start dating Happy. Justin summons up the courage to tell off his demanding boss, but will Sol take the hint and re-evaluate his career and his relationship with Chloe? The game young cast helps freshen writer-director Danny Comden's tale of immature slackers with too much testosterone and too little discipline.