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She's the One Reviews

Writer-director-actor Ed Burns' scrappy debut, THE BROTHERS McMULLEN got by on sheer low-rent verve: You kind of had to admire a static, grainy, financed-on-the-fly little movie that dared to be so out of sync with contemporary fashions in first movies. It offered viewers no guns, no drugs, no strippers, no heists, no self-referential cleverness, nothing but a bunch of white guys sitting around talking. But this $3.5-million rehash -- about the brothers Fitzpatrick and their troubles with girls -- is a real turnoff: smug, smarmy and utterly unconvincing. Mick (Burns) is a cab driver who impulsively marries the wacky Hope (Maxine Bahns). His brother Frank (Mike McGlone) is a Wall Street whiz who's married to Rene (Jennifer Aniston) and sleeping with Heather (Cameron Diaz), Mick's ex. Their dad (John Mahoney) is a former fireman with nothing better to do than give the lads bad advice about their love lives. The women are nasty ciphers and the men are jerks. Get us out of here!