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Repli-Kate Reviews

Reviewed By: Buzz McClain

Zany and witty, this bright, breezy farce is stupid fun and deserves an audience that appreciates vapidness done with style. The humor is broad and low, but the gross-out factor (except for an exploding hamster, in a hilarious throw-away sight gag) is, blissfully, not as high as producers Craig Perry and Warren Zide's other effort, American Pie. Seductive Ali Landry is ideal here as everyman's dream, in a slinky dress or dirty boxer shorts, and she handles the comedy with star-making flair. The rest of the cast is on top as well. Production values are very good, the script is bright and tight. Don't look for lightning to strike on the American Pie scale, but this one has the makings of a minor hit. Best pun: There's a European genetics firm called Gen-Italia. Best Line: "They're identical women and you fall for the one who won't have sex in public. Genius."