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One Million Years B.C. Reviews

Basically a remake of the 1940 film ONE MILLION B.C., this picture takes a rather naive perspective toward prehistoric humans, portraying them as grunting animals who walk fully upright. Richardson is a man banished from his aggressive, warring tribe, the Rock People, for fighting with his father. After wandering the savage desert and nearly dying, he stumbles to the shore and is nursed back to health by the Shell People, a kind and gentle tribe. Richardson's naturally aggressive ways make him distrustful, so he picks a fight with the leader of the Shell People and is banished again, but not before Welch falls in love with him. She leaves with him, following him to the place where the Rock People dwell. After discovering the whereabouts of these new people, Welch goes back to her own tribe to inform them of the developments. Unfortunately, this information leads to a small war between the two groups, but a massive earthquake interrupts the battle, killing most of the participants. Realizing their war is folly, the survivors make peace. Not surprisingly, there is little fine acting to be found among the rocks and dinosaurs, which is just as well for Welch because she is only around to show off her body in tight-fitting animal skins. Though her dubious contribution to the film may have meant lots of press and decent box-office returns in 1966, the enduring star of the show is, as always, the outstanding special effects by Ray Harryhausen. During the film we are treated to such prehistoric creatures as a giant sea turtle, a brontosaurus, an allosaur, a triceratops, a ceratosaur, and even a real-life iguana lizard made into a giant as an homage to the monsters in the original ONE MILLION B.C. While far from being one of Harryhausen's best films (the quality of which had little to do with his abilities), the movie has superb effects that are worth a look for his fans.