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Nobody's Baby Reviews

Produced by and starring Gary Oldman, who seems to be channeling the screen persona of Gabby Hayes, this baby-napping farce patronizes its yokel characters. Petty criminal Billy (Skeet Ulrich) and his mentor, Buford Dill (Oldman), make a run for it when a fight breaks out in their prison van. For the first time in years, Billy and Buford are separated. Orphaned as an infant, Billy is really a gentle soul who's gotten into the habit of following Buford's orders. While on the lam, Billy hitches a ride in a big rig that gets into an accident with a family station wagon. Billy rescues a baby, but the infant's relatives all die from their injuries. He doesn't immediately get the fine points of parenting, but a kindly diner waitress, Shauna Louise (Radha Mitchell), takes him under her wing. With the exception of her cruel boyfriend, Vern (Peter Greene), Shauna Louise's trailer park neighbors all fuss over the infant. Having just given up her own illegitimate newborn for adoption, Estelle (Mary Steenburgen) even agrees to nurse the baby. Billy contacts Buford, who immediately proposes a way to make money out of the foundling; a car dealer has been on TV with a sob story about an adoption ring that failed to deliver a child, and Buford wants to sell him Billy's bundle of joy. Then Estelle's ex-lover, Sonny (Matthew Modine), shows up with his new wife and an offer to take the abandoned baby and raite it as their own. Will Estelle, Vern or Buford take advantage of the situation and find a home for Billy's tiny responsibility, or has Billy bonded too strongly with the baby to relinquish custody? This hyperactive comedy gurgles relentlessly over adoptive parenthood and extended families, but can't conjure up a single believable moment. Ulrich, Steenburgen, Gunn and Mitchell nevertheless do their best to make this folksy film enjoyable.