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My Super Ex-Girlfriend Reviews

If nice-guy Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) didn't have bad luck with women, he'd have no luck at all... that is, until drab, flaky Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) — oh, the power of a tatty brown wig and glasses to transform a beauty into a spinster-librarian type! — turns out to be the alter ego of super-hot superhero G-Girl. Design-firm drone Matt finds himself dating a superbabe who can fly, deflect bullets and create a vacuum powerful enough to quell a raging building fire without breaking a stiletto heel or mussing her ever-changing wardrobe of tarty togs (she's too fabulous for one boring costume!), and all because he gallantly chased the mugger who snatched her purse on the subway. No one ever tried to help her before, and she's smitten. The trouble is that once they're past the first few magical dates, Jenny turns out to be just as needy, insecure and demanding as the other crazy bitches Matt persists in dating despite the fact that his soul mate — smart, pretty, nice, supportive, loyal and approachable Hannah (Anna Faris) — works in the cubicle just down the hall and is already his best friend. When Matt finally comes to his senses and breaks up with Jenny, she turns into a world-class bunny-boiler, though this being a light comedy, Matt saves his pet ( a goldfish — could the guy be any sadder?). G-Girl puts all her powers at the service of making Matt's life a living hell, so what's the poor guy to do except join forces with her nemesis, villainous Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard)? How hilarious you find Simpsons writer Tom Payne's premise probably depends on how much of your adolescence was spent crushing on Sue Storm and Wonder Woman, and the premise is the main event. Payne crafts a couple of witty gags about how emasculating it is to date a superwoman — what man wants to get stuck holding his girlfriend's purse while she takes off to save the world again? — but most of the gags recycle the same tired old romantic comedy schtick, with special effects. Matt is a lump, and Vaughn (Rainn Wilson) even more cluelessly sleazy than the role of horn-dog best friend demands, but bless Wanda Sykes for bringing her acid-tongued delivery to the role of Matt and Hannah's boss, and Faris for putting exactly the right querulous spin on the question, "Why did G-Girl throw a shark at us?"