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Love at First Bite Reviews

This better-than-usual genre spoof places Count Dracula (Hamilton) in modern times. Forced out of his Transylvanian castle by communist bureaucrats who want to turn it into a gymnasium, Hamilton comes to New York City, where he scours the discos looking for victims. He meets beautiful fashion model Saint James and falls in love. They spend the night together, and the model wakes up the next morning with "a dynamite hickey." This, of course, disturbs her psychiatrist boy friend, Benjamin, who winds up trying to dispatch the vampire through a variety of methods (hypnotism, silver bullets, etc.). Although much of this is pretty funny, the film is a scattershot affair that tries to milk laughs out of the most mundane and tired gags. For every bit that works there are three that don't, and the movie becomes somewhat tedious at times. Hamilton, however, is obviously having a good time with his role and has a field day with the Bela Lugosi accent. Made at the height of the disco craze, the film is almost worth the price of admission to see Dracula dancing to "I Love the Nightlife." This film was a surprise hit at the box office, and a sequel was announced but never made.