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Kuffs Reviews

In one of his best roles to date, KUFFS star Christian Slater turns in an ingratiating performance as a smart-alecky high school dropout with a secret passion for law and order. Twenty-one-year-old George Kuffs (Slater) heads for San Francisco to help his older brother Brad (Bruce Boxleitner) celebrate his birthday. Shortly after George arrives, however, Brad is gunned down in cold blood in front of him. Seeking revenge, George is determined to track down his brother's killer at all costs. He learns he has inherited Brad's Patrol Special franchise, a private police district that Brad operated with the cooperation of the SFPD. Sam Jones (George De La Pena), a rival Patrol Special cop, tries to convince George that he would be better off selling his inheritance; when that fails, Jones decides to have George eliminated in another way. In his own attempt to nail Bruce's killer, George doesn't hesitate to pull off a number of wildly outlandish capers to the chagrin of the local police. Crisply paced and directed with a genuine flair for action comedy by Bruce A. Evans, KUFFS is fun to watch, despite the fact that it goes too far in the ultra-violent murder-and-mayhem department. As entertaining as KUFFS is, however, it would be difficult to recommend to anyone but die-hard action fans. The problem is that Evans and Raynold Gideon's screenplay tries to inject too many elements--romantic comedy, slapstick, satire, revenge melodrama, ultra-violent action--into one film and the end result is an overabundance of frenetic mayhem.