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Intrigue Reviews

INTRIGUE is anything but intriguing. It looks like a comic strip and has just about every cliche associated with stories about the Orient. Raft is an ex-Army pilot who has been discharged for flying smuggled goods during WW II. It's a false charge but he can't prove it. He arrives in Shanghai and doesn't realize that he is now involved with the very crooks who framed him, led by Havoc (in a Dragon Lady role). Tully is a newsman pal who tries to talk Raft out of black marketeering with Havoc. Tully is doing undercover work on a story that will lay bare the truth about Havoc. She has him killed for his troubles and Raft finally realizes that Havoc is behind it all. The crooks have a heavily guarded warehouse that Raft opens to the starving Shanghai locals. Havoc is accidentally killed and Raft seeks solace in the arms of Carter, a local social worker who has been dropping into the film from time to time. Jay C. Flippen, Marvin Miller, and Dan Seymour do small bits and the assistant warehouseman is played by Stan Ross, who later made a living as Milton Berle's foil (and then Jackie Gleason's) on TV. Also seen briefly are Wynn (who sings the title song) and Ansara, a TV star in the 1960s and onetime husband of Barbara Eden.