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Homecoming Reviews

Gable is a highly successful New York doctor married to socialite Baxter. The doctor is also caught up in the social scene and is too busy to help old colleague Hodiak aid a small, disease-plagued town. After the U.S. enters WW II, Gable is enlisted into the Medical Corps as a major. Hodiak resents Gable's condescending airs and lets his old pal know it. On the transport to Africa, Gable meets nurse Turner, who is to be his assistant. She too takes a dislike to Gable. In the field the pair are constantly fighting each other, but slowly they fall in love. She leaves and Gable re-examines his life. He sees how selfish he has been and starts to change. On a one-week leave in Paris he runs once more into Turner and they enjoy seven idyllic days. But a new offensive cuts short their affair, and they must return to their work. Turner is eventually killed at the Battle of the Bulge. Gable returns to Baxter with plans for a new life with her. This film has some good and bad moments. The cast is excellent. Gable and Turner's chemistry is fine. But the story is pure soap opera and is far below the talents of the leads. The film panders to stereotyping and easy solutions for complex problems. Some critics complained that WW II was still fresh in memory and the attempts here to trivialize and sentimentalize the war were inappropriate. Originally producer Franklin had wanted Turner's character to leave rather than die but Gable objected, wanting feelings and emotions in the film to be honest. Despite Gable winning this argument, the film does not live up to his aspirations. Though it was voted by the New York Critics as one of the ten worst movies of 1948, the public loved it. At the time Baxter was married to Hodiak. She was loaned out from 20th Century Fox to MGM for this film. Gable and Turner recreated their HOMECOMING parts for "Screen Guild Playhouse."