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Gunsmoke Reviews

Typical western action designed for two-fisted war hero Murphy. He's a gun-for-hire considering taking a job from rancher Randolph. Randolph wants to control the area, but Kelly is in the way of his plans. Kelly tricks Murphy in a card game, and the gunman switches alliances. Drake is hired by Randolph to kill the traitor, but in the end, the two gunmen look after each other and Randolph is shot. The story goes a little too far out too often, but ends up being completely predictable in spite of itself. The acting jobs are fine for the genre, but nothing is terribly different or fresh in characterizations. There's a nice use of Technicolor photography, though, which uses the scenery well, and is highly complimentary of Cabot. Songs sung by saloon cutie Castle include: "See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have," (Frederick Hollander, Frank Loesser); "True Love," (Frederick Herbert, Arnold Hughes).