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From the Hip Reviews

The title can be taken two ways. It might mean that the hero is the kind of legal hotshot who shoots from the hip. Or it might mean that the picture was made by a group of hip people. Neither interpretation is accurate. Robin Weathers (Judd Nelson) is just out of law school and has taken a job with a prestigious law firm run by Craig Duncan (Darren McGavin), Roberta Winaker (Nancy Marchand), and Phil Amos (Allan Arbus). Weathers is eager to get ahead at all costs. After an early success, using all sorts of shoddy, shyster tactics, Weathers achieves a certain notoriety. But the senior partners decide to give him a case they feel can't be won. Half the movie is mildly funny while the second half turns deadly serious. Nelson's entire role seems to be little more than a vanity production to show off his limited abilities. Some much better actors are wasted here. Ray Walston does well as a judge, so does the uncredited Meshach Taylor playing a screaming black queen. Not so fortunate is Elizabeth Perkins whose role was barely touched by the writers. Anyone even vaguely considering a career in the legal profession should not see this because they'll be as turned off to the study of law as most people were to the study of this movie.