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Deep Valley Reviews

Lupino stars as a shy young farm girl whose parents (Hull and Bainter) are loveless and repressive. Near their farm a chain gang works on the new coast highway winding about Big Sur, California. One of the convicts, Clark, escapes during a rainstorm and is discovered by Lupino, who sympathizes with the criminal and hides him in her father's barn. Kindred spirits, the two fall in love. Unfortunately, a posse discovers the hideout. Clark makes a break for the woods and is gunned down, but he dies a peaceful death in Lupino's arms. Lupino's performance is superb, and though DEEP VALLEY has been criticized for being derivative of HIGH SIERRA (1941), the similarities between the two movies don't negate the refreshing tenderness and compassion of this deeply moving film. DEEP VALLEY was shot entirely on location in Big Sur and Big Bear because of a strike that prevented shooting on Warner Bros.' backlot.