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Choose Me Reviews

Director Alan Rudolph hit his stride with this quirky comedy-drama in which the characterizations outweigh and eventually overwhelm the plot. Ann (Bujold) is a radio psychologist calling herself "Dr. Love" who dispenses advice but is hopelessly maladjusted herself. Eve (Warren), meanwhile, the owner of a small bar, is both blessed and cursed with the ability to attract and capture any man she pleases. But Eve is not the supremely self-confident person she seems; she is actually a frightened woman living on the edge of a breakdown who spends a lot of time calling Dr. Love. Then Mickey (Carradine), a wayward genius or the world's greatest liar, walks into the bar and into the lives of both Eve and Ann. This picture is made up of many fine moments and many wonderful verbal insights. There's not much of a story here, but, in typical fashion, director Rudolph wisely allows the film to gently meander in several interesting directions. Lushly photographed and very well acted, with a relaxed, bleary-eyed, 3 a.m. feel to it, this sometimes surprising little film is an intriguing piece of work.