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Brewster's Millions Reviews

This inept remake doesn't compare with the 1945 Allan Dwan classic farce starring Dennis O'Keefe. Richard Pryor is a broken-down pitcher who is suddenly shocked to find that he has been left $300 million by an eccentric relative. The hitch is that Pryor must spend $30 million in 30 days, a million dollars a day, to get the whole amount. His frantic spending spree ensues with friends, such as John Candy, who think he's gone off the deep end and try to shore up his losses. Normally, this situation comedy would provide its own built-in laughs, but here the situations are dominated by Pryor's forced, manic behavior, which removes him from empathy and offers the subservient story nothing more than casual interest. The cinematography is static, scenes are unrelated, and Walter Hill's direction is sloppy.