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Blind Heat Reviews

This satisfyingly sleazy, race-against-the-clock adventure is an erotic fantasy masquerading as a thriller. Lonely wife Adrianna Scott (Maria Conchita Alonso) feels uneasy in Mexico, a country where kidnapping wealthy foreigners is a cottage industry, but she and her husband, Jeffrey (Al Sapienza), have moved there because he's involved in a computer venture with the government. Adrianna also must contend with Jeffrey's affair with his aide, Elisa (Elise Ballard). Sure enough, Adrianna's fears about kidnapping are justified: Victor (J. Eddie Peck), who works for a ruthless anti-establishment organization, snatches her from her comfortable surroundings. Worse, although Victor's accomplices are merely venal, the mastermind of the scheme is vindictive. Yes, it's Elisa, who hopes to become the next Mrs. Jeffrey Scott, and has no plans to release Adrianna after collecting the cash. Acting on advice from the American Embassy, clueless adulterer Jeffrey hires hostage negotiator Paul Burke (Jeff Fahey), who plays hardball with the kidnappers. The more pressure Paul applies, the closer Victor grows to his blindfolded captive. Before long, Adrianna succumbs to a passion missing from her marriage and falls into an affair with her jailer; Victor, for his part, starts questioning his priorities. With Victor's cohorts expecting a big payday and Elisa hoping for the worst, does Adrianna stand a chance of rescue by either Paul or Victor? For Adrianna, saving her marriage becomes a moot point as the hostage situation unravels. If you enjoyed the bigger-budgeted PROOF OF LIFE, you might have some fun with this ransom rondelay. What this salute to the Stockholm Syndrome lacks in Hollywood gloss it makes up for in steamy sex scenes, as hunky captor and sexy hostage negotiate their own terms.