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Bad Seed Reviews

Dostoyevskyan significance is ladled onto a cockamamie action flick about retribution. Still reeling from the news of his wife, Emily's (Mili Avital), infidelity, Preston Tylk (Luke Wilson) comes home one night and to find her lifeless corpse. Convinced that she was slain by her illicit lover, Jonathan Caddy (Norman Reedus), the grief-stricken Preston rushes to Jonathan's house intending to crack his skull. Instead of cracking Jonathan's skull, however, Preston bludgeons to death Jonathan's retarded brother, Art (T.J. Thyne). The cops try to link Preston to his wife's death, while Jonathan is convinced that Preston killed both but also Emily. Jonathan toys with Preston, revealing that he has a home security video of Preston killing Art; he intends to turn it over to the authorities when he's tormented Preston sufficiently. Hoping to retrieve the incriminating video, Preston hires private eye Dick Muller (Dennis Farina). Although Preston tries to stay one step ahead of Jonathan, Jonathan locates his every hiding place. Preston finally deduces the true identity of Emily's killer, but Jonathan won't let go of his homicidal focus on Preston and attempts to set him on fire, Preston escapes and Jonathan kidnaps Muller in hopes of pressuring Preston into surrendering to him. During a cliffside free-for-all, Preston saves Jonathan's life and both wind up facing the prospect arrest and punishment: They respond in dramatically different ways. This drably photographed psychological thriller seems to confuse coincidence with fatalism, and guilty consciences prevail as these two lost souls embrace their comeuppance.