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A Walk on the Moon Reviews

The Summer of Love comes to the Catskills in this sharply observed, beautifully acted story of one woman's sexual coming of age. The sexual revolution has passed Pearl Kantrowitz (Diane Lane) by: Married and pregnant at 17, she has spent the Age of Aquarius raising 14-year-old Allison (Anna Paquin) and her younger brother Danny (Bobby Boriello); her stolid husband Marty (Liev Schreiber), a television repairman, has hocked his own dreams to the realities of providing for his wife and children. The counterculture is so alien to the Kantrowitzs that the sight of hitchhiking hippies by the roadside is as exciting as spotting a bear in the backyard. All that changes during the summer of 1969, when Pearl, the children and Marty's mother (Tovah Feldshuh) make their annual pilgrimage to Dr. Folger's Catskill Bungalows. Their daily routine of Mah Jongg, swimming and gossip is enlivened by the arrival of handsome Walker Jerome (Viggo Mortensen), who has taken over the job of selling vacationing housewives blouses and accessories from a battered old bus. But noone is more captivated by Walker's flirty manner and low-key sexiness than Pearl, who enters into an impetuous affair with him on the night of the first moon walk (hence the film's rather misleading title). Making his directing debut, actor Tony Goldwyn elicits top-notch performances from all concerned. They're helped by a strong script that makes both Pearl's affair and its aftermath thoroughly convincing. This intimate, bittersweet romance is proof that a familiar story and the trappings of a done-to-death era can still seem fresh and engaging in the right hands.