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All that sex! All that blood! Are we revolted… or turned on?

1 of 21 John P. Johnson/HBO


While trying to decide between suitors Bill and Eric, Sookie has an elaborate dream/fantasy in which she chooses both, if you know what we're saying...
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Sookie has a new landlord, Eric, and he's not exactly fond of knocking before entering

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Ultimately, though, she doesn't really mind the liberties he takes

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After reuniting with his vampire "sister" Nora, Eric celebrates by having sex with her inside a shipping container as Bill listens in from outside
5 of 21 John P. Johnson/HBO


Claudette, one of Claude's 16 faerie sisters, wore this while having a very serious conversation with Sookie about her parents' death
6 of 21 HBO


Now that Pam and Tara are maker and child, they've put the differences aside long enough to realize that they kind of have the hots for each other
7 of 21 John P. Johnson/HBO

Luna and Sam made a very cute couple... of shapeshifters

8 of 21 HBO


The not-so-bright Jason Stackhouse should know better than to invite a vampire into his home, but when that vamp is Jessica in a Little Red Riding Hood costume, he's all but powerless
9 of 21 John P. Johnson/HBO


Before he played BDR (Google it) in Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello was already best known for stripping down as the show's resident werewolf/eye candy
10 of 21 HBO


When Alcide challenges bad werewolf packmaster J.D., he has only the support of this comely werebitch
11 of 21 HBO

Now wait, a minute, that doesn't look like packmaster-challenge training, Alcide!

12 of 21 John P. Johnson/HBO


Only the confidently androgynous Lafayette can pair a crazy Mohawk with a denim vest and still seem sexy
13 of 21 HBO


Sam Trammell must have a hell of a nudity clause in his contract. As a shapeshifter, he's naked quite a bit, including when he's under vampire house arrest
14 of 21 HBO


Jessica is enjoying her vampire adolescence by indulging her adorable crush on helpless Jason Stackhouse
15 of 21 HBO


Season 5 was tumultuous for good-guy vampire Bill. After deceiving evil vamp Salome and destroying the vampire goddess Lilith, he made an uncharacteristic power grab in the finale
16 of 21 HBO


And here's the result: Bill is now an omnipotent vampire god, who wears only a shiny coat of platelets
17 of 21 HBO


As the vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne stocked her castle with many sexual playthings — who also doubled as sources of sustenance for the ethically gray monarch
18 of 21 HBO


Vampire Chancellor Roman, we hardly knew ye! Chris Meloni stuck around just long enough to have a sex scene with Salome (but, you know, who didn't, am I right?)
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Way back in Season 2, we saw the origins of Bill's capacity for evil. Under the misguided tutelage of maker Lorena, he partook of this sexy lady of the evening
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Aw, Andy and Holly, sitting in a tree, getting nekkid pics of Andy's bottom splashed all over Facebook (wait, that's not how the song goes)
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Sorta enemies Bill and Eric had to work together to avoid being burned at the stake by Season 4 villain Marnie