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Tahani's Greatest Gowns on The Good Place

No bullshirt, she's a star

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Tahani's Best Dresses on The Good Place So Far

Tahani (Jameela Jamil) may be so much more than just a sexy giraffe, but no matter which plane of the afterlife she's in, the gal still likes to look her best on every occasion. The Good Placeis celebrated for its sharp, creative dialogue and cheeky exploration of existentialism, and yet, Tahani's series-long fashion showcase makes her the lowkey MVP of the whole thing. Let's take a look at some of her best dresses so far, during which you can decide if the next show twist will be that she's really an undercover angel.

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Sunny sundress

Long before the shirtballs and shrimp hit the fan, Tahani delighted in thinking she'd earned her way into the Good Place and strutted her sanctimonious stuff in this springy ASOS midi dress from the very beginning. She looked like a cup of afternoon tea, and that was exactly the point.

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Ready for cotillion

She might have looked like she was headed to a debutante ball, but this strappy sky blue dress from Chi Chi London was also very on-brand for Tahani. The fact that she paired it with a giant hat, basket, and pearls only elevated the southern sweetheart appeal of this ensemble.

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Neon and nice

Only Tahani could pull off a floral frock like this with such a stark color contrast as this neon canary base hue.

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Garden glory

Okay, okay, so it kind of has an All in the Family-era aesthetic, but this off-the-shoulders layered stretch dress still has its charms ... only on her, of course.

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In the navy

There are only two people in the world -- living or dead -- who could pull off the full-gloved ball gown look in the modern era: Amal Clooney and Tahani Al-Jamil. On them, it is glorious.

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Upstaging the bride

This shade of soft lilac couldn't be more complimentary to her skin tone.

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Showing some skin

Tahani knows her strengths, and she certainly played to them in this low-cut, but still so demure pinkish-beige maxi.

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Wrapping it up

Eventually, she started exploring other dress shapes -- while still sticking with her signature bold flowers, of course -- as with this chiffon wrap garb that she could work on pretty much any occasion.

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Sublime stitchwork

Technically this one is not a dress, but it was way too divine to overlook on any Tahani fashion retrospective. Her silky peach tank blouse was perfectly contrasted by this delicately embroidered A-line skirt, and paired with those pointy pumps, the look was forking amazing.

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Sky's the limit

It takes talent to make such a luxurious set of jewelry look so ordinary, but Tahani's consistently above-it-all air meant she was always the fanciest part of her getup, even if it was as sublime as this perfectly pleated periwinkle piece.

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Bold print

The color, the neckline, the attitude -- it's all there in this splendidly shaped design. Maybe it really was the Good Place after all.

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Strapless and proud

With that shoulderline, it's kind of a surprise she didn't just lead with this glorious garden design in the first place.

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Vintage tablecloth

The pattern might look like something your grandma serves tea on, but Tahani made this princess dress work for her. The double pearls! The thick flap! It was all so unapologetically her.

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Hello sunshine

There's only one word to describe this bright evening gown: flare.

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Full-on Monet

Once Tahani had pretty much exhausted every floral design known to womankind, she started experimenting with more creative patterns, as with this canary, royal blue, and teal design that was still squarely in her comfort zone but had a bit of a modern wink in the funky shoulder strap action and waist-high beltline.

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Muted hue

You have to look pretty closely to see it, but the flower print is still there in this slick slate gray design. It's cool and cute enough that it's no wonder she wore the thing for three straight episodes.

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International sophisticate

It was pretty appropriate that Tahani posed with a dove for her magazine cover shoot because this gold sateen gown definitely has a peaceful vibe.

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Turquoise and tan

She wasn't treading any new territory with this blouson dress, but the cool color compliments her complexion so well it can't be overlooked.

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Pretty in plum

Tahani's steeze always made her the life of the party, but especially so in this intricately beaded violet sweetheart-cut gown.

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Class in session

She may have been a student of Chidi's ethics at the time, but Tahani was certainly schooling everyone on how to look their best with this sheath dress.

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Ivory tower

Between the blouson scoop, the half-pearl neckline, and the delicate pleating of the skirt, this dress could have easily been wedding wear ... which was probably the point, considering what she and Jason were going through at the time.

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Yellow pixie

Why, yes, this asiatic lilies dress is exactly the kind of fun frock you need for a day spent smashing champagne glass towers on the golf course.

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Bridal march

Tahani's beachside nuptials with Jason were probably a little more lowkey than fans might've expected from the eternal hostess with the mostess, but the simplicity of her styling -- the floating jewel necklace, the simple flyaway veil -- made her look even more radiant, even if the day didn't quite go to plan.

25 of 31 Colleen Hayes/NBC

Bold beads

Tahani might have a baseline formula for all her frocks, but she wasn't afraid to mix things up a little by trading in her traditional pearls for a metallic set that perfectly matched her acid-washed print dress.

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Sailor swoon

Tahani tried something new with this two-toned day dress which was of course just delightful on her.

27 of 31 Colleen Hayes/NBC

Ronda Mumps

Who cares if this isn't an actual dress because Tahani's Bad Place alter ego was just swell. Her silhouetted suit with the tie blouse and her bobbed wig all showcased her sassy side. The only way it could've been better is if she had on pants instead of a simple skirt.

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Get comfortable

Gasp! "A classic St. Crispin's Day garden party frock!" Just what every gal wants to relax in purgatory while her soul is being tested for eternal sentencing! Oh, Tahani.

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Study group

Instead of philosophy, the study buddies should've really been taking notes on Tahani's pastel striped prom dress paired with sunglasses because this outfit was a mood.

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Polka what

Tahani started experimenting with other classic fabric patterns beyond her usual finds, and this navy dot dress was pretty benchin'.

31 of 31 Colleen Hayes/NBC

Back to fabulous

Tahani's temporary breakup from the brainy bunch to engage on her anti-publicity tour and love affair with Larry Hemsworth might've been a mistake, but it sure looked good on her when she sported this ruby red party gown that offered some serious flashbacks to one of her earliest evening ensembles.