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Stranger Things Merch You Need for Season 3

Get your retro groove on

Stranger Things Merchandise Gallery/HalloweenCostumes.com/Hot Topic/ThinkGeek
1 of 24 Amazon//HalloweenCostumes.com/Hot Topic/ThinkGeek

The Very Best Stranger Things Things

Heading into its third season, there's never been more Stranger Things swag than to wear, play with, or just show off. Check out this gallery of choice Stranger Things merch perfect for any true fan ahead of the Season 3 premiere on July 4. It's 1,000 times easier than manning the grill!

2 of 24 Nike

Stranger Things Nikes

Make fandom next-level fashionable in these Stranger Thing-inspired kicks from Nike. In one of the coolest collabs ever, the athletic brand partnered with the show to create a whole suite of Hawkins-related gear, including a reimagining of these fresh leather Cortez shoes to make a low-key statement about the Fourth of July, a major holiday in Season 3.

3 of 24 Polaroid/Best Buy

Stranger Things Polaroid Camera

Few modern pleasures bring as much joy as playing with something decidedly low tech. Just like the kind people used back in the day, this Stranger Things-themed Polaroid analog camera spits out hard copies of subjects in real time.

4 of 24 Burger King

Burger King's Upside Down Whopper

Is this really just a silly stunt in which Burger King simply flips its famed burger over and calls it art? Not entirely. Yes, Burger King's "Upside Down Whopper" doesn't take much imaginative license with presentation, but since it's only available in in Miami, Houston, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York it has an air of exclusivity. Plus, Stranger Things fans outside those markets can get a $5 Hopper Meal (in celebration of Sheriff Jim Hopper) by using DoorDash with the code "STRANGER."

5 of 24 HalloweenCostumes.com

Demogorgon Costume

This Demogorgon costume is a brilliant choice for scaring the bejeesus out of loved ones.

6 of 24 Stranger Things/Amazon

Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweater

What are holiday parties if not the strangest things of all? Liven up the mood come Christmastime in this tacky masterpiece.

7 of 24 The Coca-Cola Company

Stranger Things New Coke

Netflix's partnership with Coke to bring back New Coke -- which debuted in 1985, the same year Season 3 picks up -- is a stroke of mega-branding genius. Obviously, a case of these cans is a must for any Stranger Things Season 3 premiere party.

8 of 24 LEGO

Stranger Things LEGO Upside Down

Bring Hawkins' spooky underbelly to life with this perfectly symmetrical LEGO set replica. Among its features: six different rooms containing references to the series.

9 of 24 Netflix/Amazon

Stranger Things Ouija Board

Summon Stranger Things' spookiest spirits with a Stranger Things Ouija board game.

10 of 24 Costume Super Center

Jim Hopper Costume

A Jim Hopper costume is an easy layup for middle-aged dudes with hot dad bods, just sayin'!

11 of 24 Chia Pet/Bed Bath and Beyond

Dustin Head Chia Pet

Someone took on the difficult task of making Stranger Things' Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) more adorable than he already is. The result? This Stranger Things Dustin Chia Pet planter.

12 of 24 Stranger Things/Poshmark

Vintage Vest

Somehow still stylish, this retro vest works for kids and kids at heart alike.

13 of 24 Stranger Things/Amazon

Funko Season 1 Action Figures

These action figures are suitable for home collections and office desks, so everyone knows you're the expert on fan theories.

14 of 24 Stranger Things/Amazon

Stranger Things T-Shirt

A Stranger Things T-shirt is must for serious fans.

15 of 24 North Star Tees/Amazon

Straight Outta Hawkins Hoodie

Rep your (imaginary) city in this comfy Straight Outta Hawkins hoodie.

16 of 24 Amazon

Upside Down Doormat, Stranger Things

Just the right amount of creepy, this Stranger Things welcome mat also works as a repellent for unannounced visitors.

17 of 24 Number 12 Creations/Etsy

Stranger Things-Inspired Charm Bracelet

This charm bracelet, complete with adorable nods to Stranger Things canon, also repels monsters. (It doesn't, but what if, right?)

18 of 24 Hot Topic

Steve Harrington Throw Blanket

No Netflix-and-chill session is complete without a throw blanket to snuggle under. This one features everyone's favorite babysitter, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery).

19 of 24 Uniden/Amazon

Uniden CB Radio

Ditch the phones for an afternoon and have adventures with these CB radios, just like Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Will (Noah Schnapp), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin).

20 of 24 Etsy

Barb Glasses, Stranger Things

Gone but never forgotten, Barb (Shannon Purser) still resonates in hearts and minds. Honor her by rocking these Barb-style glasses in tribute.

21 of 24 Schwinn/Amazon

Lucas' Schwinn Bike, Stranger Things

This Schwinn Stranger Things replica of Lucas' (Caleb McLaughlin) bike is for real ones confident enough to stand out on suburban streets and cul-de-sacs alike.

22 of 24 Firebox

Eleven Bleeding Nose Candle, Stranger Things

Sophisticated and a little bit dark, these candles signal solidarity with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) -- and subtly good taste.

23 of 24 ThinkGeek

Stranger Things Mini Backpack

Wear your Stranger Things love on your back with this fun knapsack.

24 of 24 Cheeky Monkey/Amazon

Stranger Things Gift Basket

Why agonize over exactly what trinket to get when you can get several in a handy basket like this?