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TV Characters Who Are Scorpios

Yup, we're talking about you, Charlie Brown

Will Truman, Will & Grace
1 of 10 Chris Haston/NBC

Will Truman, Will & Grace -- Oct. 23

Confident, intense and SUPER obsessive, Will Truman (Eric McCormack) is the kind of passionate lover every guy thirsts after -- until you screw him over.

2 of 10 Scott Garfield, ABC via Getty Images

Sarah Walker, Brothers and Sisters -- Oct. 26

Highly motivated, on top of everything at the office and at home, Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) is the definition of Scorpio woman goals in the ways she's sharp and direct and insightful. Those self-destructive streaks though? Well, let's just say Sarah would sometimes never let a good deed go unpunished.

3 of 10 Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Charlie Brown - Oct. 30

Charlie Brown's personality is an area of study into itself, but without getting too deep, he's a model neurotic with pent-up sexual frustration toward the young ladies in his sphere, thanks to his constant over-analyzing and rejection. We all love us some Charlie -- like most Scorpio men he's intelligent and emotional, soft and tough at the same time -- but let's not act like we don't see that moodiness or those fits of jealousy.

4 of 10 NBC

Creed, The Office -- Nov. 1

Creed Bratton, famously played by the musician of the same name, was Scorpio to the core but especially in one specific area: mysteriousness. Creed was always up to something -- and something nobody would ever suspect even if he dropped a hundred clues, as he often did. You know the phrase "knows where the bodies are buried?" That phrase was actually invented by a Scorpio specifically for Creed on The Office.*

*It was not, but it totally could've been.

5 of 10 Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Cookie Monster, Sesame Street -- Nov. 2

This Sesame Street character's appreciation of cookies is clearly past the point of mere love; it's literally driven him mad, which is right in line with the Scorpio man's well-known voracious appetites and tendencies for obsessive behavior. He might be mostly harmless -- he's felt, and not very scary after all -- but nobody wants to be in his path during one of his episodes, something every pal to a Scorpio can attest to.

6 of 10 ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Jack Arnold, The Wonder Years - Nov. 5

Jack Arnold (Dan Lauria) was caring but also constantly frustrated with the rapid changes taking place in the 1960s -- a type of stubbornness Scorpio's loved ones know all too well.

7 of 10 Fox Network/Getty Images

Al Bundy, Married with Children -- Nov. 7

Known for his fantastical tirades and insane fits of jealousy on Married...With Children whenever his wife Peggy (Katey Sagal) got within two feet of another man (or even ventured to do anything without his approval), Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) is one of those Scorpios who really puts the sting in stinger.

8 of 10 FOX

Santana Lopez, Glee -- November (?)

Santana (Naya Rivera) is a November baby, according to this highly scientific study, and her Scorpio ways should be crystal clear in the ways she'd concoct fantastic plots for revenge. See also: her sexuality, which led her to states of maddening confusion and well, extreme horniness. Pure Scorpio.

9 of 10 Eric McCandless, ABC

Dan Conner, Roseanne - Nov. 10

If you ever saw that episode of Roseanne in which Dan (John Goodman) beats up his abusive brother-in-law Fisher then you don't need to be reminded that he's a Scorpio whose good side you wanna stay on.

10 of 10 James Devaney/Getty Images

Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl - Nov 15

If there was ever a TV Scorpio who literally wrote the book (or at least, texted out the book to a breathless audience), it's Ms. Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), Queen Bee of Gossip Girl. She is fascinating, complex and charming, but Lord knows that one can keep -- and expose -- a secret, as many of her peers on the Upper East Side found out the hard way.