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17 Ways to Dress Up as the Riverdale Characters this Halloween

"Wanna team up for a little destruction?"

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How to Dress Up as the Riverdale Characters this Halloween

If you're like us, your obsession with Riverdale has only gotten more intense as the CW series continues to pile on the drama for Archie and the gang. Heading into Halloween, you may be inclined to take that fandemonium to the next level and dress up as your favorite characters for that big trick-or-treat shindig, and if so, we're here to help. Click through to find out how you can style yourself as your favorite Riverdale kid for the spooky season this year.

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If you want to go as Archie Andrews (KJ Appa) -- and let's be real here, who wouldn't? -- first thing's first: You'll have to sport his fiery mane. Use a little styling gel or mousse and apply some copper red hair spray with gusto to achieve the look.

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Star athlete

Archie's other signature feature is his prized letterman jacket. In addition to capturing his essence, it'll also keep you nice and toasty if your Halloween party is outdoors this year.

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Football stud

If you don't want to invest in the jacket, it's also just as effective to don Archie's football jersey. Bonus points if you can find one with the number 17, but his original nine will also work just fine.

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Crochet crown

No Jughead (Cole Sprouse) look alike effort would be complete without his signature crown beanie. It's absolute canon for the character.

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Emo chic

In addition to his hat, Jughead is also known for his selection of cool coats, like when he sports a rugged denim jacket with sherpa lining over his big "S" tee-shirt.

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Leathered up

If you really want to embody Jughead Jones this Halloween season, spring for the Southside Serpents leather jacket. Paired with the hat, the resemblance will be uncanny.

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The bombshell

To become the unconquerable Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), the first thing you'll need to do is get those golden blonde locks down pat -- preferably pulled into tight sweetheart ponytail to emulate her old school at-the-hop aesthetic. As they say, "Betty's ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach."

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Wholesome wear

Clothing wise, Betty is also one of the easier characters to embody. You can either don some of her more demure duds like a simple cardigan pulled over a scalloped collar, or you can always opt for her more basic crown shirt.

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Rah rah rah

Another option for the Betty wannabes is to pair that blonde wig with a Riverdale High School cheerleading costume. As a bonus, the garb is also a great option for those who are grouping up to resemble the whole squad.

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Cherry bomb

If you're not already gifted with Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch)'s ruby locks and want to bring the vixen to life this season, luckily there's a wig for that. Just don't forget to match it with a bold red lip and her own Serpent jacket.

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Boss babe

If you're feeling feisty enough in your pursuit of Cheryl Blossom-ness, you can also try on her signature HBIC shirt for size, with those teeny running shorts and a pair of tube socks to complete her sassy visage.

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Fancy frock

If the sportier side of Cheryl isn't what you're looking to bring home this Halloween, you can also replicate her striking sartorial style by opting for a clean-lined dress (red, always red) or a nice blouse with a classic bent over a sharp pencil skirt and solid pumps.

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Dame game

There's no Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) without her slick black hair, but if you aren't feeling brave enough to experiment on your own locks with some onyx spray, investing in a Veronica-style wig may be the way to go.

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Contemporary classic

Achieving Veronica's fashions may be as simple as scouring your closet for a favorite little black dress or skirt suit -- so long as you don't forget the pearls, of course.

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Getting frisky

For those who are looking to spice things up a bit with their Riverdale wear, there are options for that as well, like a Veronica-style halter top or a more adult version of the cheerleading costume. Hey, you do you.

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The pussycats

Speaking of sultrier options, becoming any member of the gang's musically gifted feline friends might mean bearing some skin or stepping into some form-fitting animal prints, but if that's just much too much, you can always just pair what you're comfortable wearing with some of their usual ear headbands.

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When in doubt

If nothing else, even a simple Riverdale High School tee-shirt with jeans can do wonders to transform you into this Riverdale kids this Halloween -- so long as you get their hairstyles and attitude right, the clothing choices are very flexible.