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Phoebe Buffay's Hair Was the Low-Key Star of the Show on Friends

Forget "The Rachel," Phoebe's hair was really on point

Amanda Bell
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All the Times Phoebe's Hair Stole the Show on Friends

Rachel Green's voluminous layers might have sparked a cultural phenomenon after Friends, but she wasn't the only character on the show with some locks to love. Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) was also on top of her tresses, regularly styling her 'do with more precision and personality than anyone else on the show. Let's take a look at some of her best mane moments of all.

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Beachy waves

Since she had such thick, long strands, Phoebe did well to let her hair dry into simple waves from time to time, which looked especially lovely when she pulled back a few layers from the top to show off those crazy cheekbones of hers.

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Ironed on

To give her natural waves a boost, Phoebe would also sometimes bring in the styling wand to add some extra oomph, and the look was very va va voom.

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Loose updo

Phoebe also knew exactly how to pull off the half updo with hanging strands look like no other -- it's no wonder David the Scientist Guy (Hank Azaria) fell head over heels for her on-sight when she looked like this.

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Hot hat

Ever the fan of accessories, Phoebe also knew the right way to let her locks flow beneath a funky headpiece.

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The middle

At a time when the side-swoop was the go-to for every girl, Phoebe dared to do the midpart.

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Pulled back

She even made the ultra-'90s claw clip work for her by not going overboard with the straightening iron.

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Soft and flowing

Seriously, Phoebe could've been a spokesmodel for whatever earthy product she was using because just look at how silky her hair looks. Want.

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Select strands

She might have been ready for Woodstock with this 'do, but pulling back a couple of key strands to accent her oval face shape suited her just fine.

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Layers for days

It's no easy feat to frame your face this well. Bravissimo, bella (she knows what that means since she speaks Italian)!

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Casual cool

Phoebe could make even the most casual tie-back look hip.

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Low lights

Look how ahead of the game Phoebe was with these chunky part pieces and layered highlights!

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Turn up

Phoebe wasn't the only person on the show to channel Gidget (hiii Monica), but nobody did it better than she did. How she did not win over her ice dancer husband with this peppy side-part, we'll never know.

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Fuss free

How was she so chill, so often?

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Pretty plaits

We wish we could pull off the French braid with this much steeze.

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Short bangs

Only someone with Phoebe's innate confidence could make loose bangs like these work.

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Cute and clipped

On anyone else this might look stiff and frizzy, but Phoebe's silky locks fall right into place.

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Ross' star

Long before the top knot would reach ubiquity, Phoebe had it on lock.

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Spiked pony

Ursula's stalker ex Malcolm might've been a weirdo, but at least he helped usher in this exact moment when Phoebe started really experimenting with her hairstyles and brought us this amazing three-dimensional pony.

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Cute clip

The little twist at the top is perfect.

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Full and frisky

How oh how could the noisy guy upstairs cheat on THIS?

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Up and funky

There's a lot happening with this layered updo, but we love it.

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Pieces everywhere

It takes a confident woman to pull of this extra messy bun, but on Phoebe it's pretty boss.

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Rad tieback

Look at this rockstar.

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Double swoop

She just dared to be different.

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No rules

Why not throw a pin in here, a tie band there? It's just hair! It's meant to be played with! Phoebe knew.

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All the embellishments

Phoebe's collection of bedazzled hairpins was pretty legit.

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Pretty in pigtails

Even in labor she was still so on brand.

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Star fish

Who else would think to try putting sea animal shapes in their hair? No one, that's who.

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Topsy Tail

A jewel-encrusted headband with a half topsy-tail, wispy strands and dangling earrings? It was never too much with Phoebe.

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Mini clips

It takes a lot of patience to make all of those mini-clips come together for one cohesive 'do, but Phoebe did that. All the time.

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Keeping fresh

There wasn't a hair piece or arrangement style she wouldn't try at least once, including this half-twisted, half ironed look that only she could really own.

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Still classy

Even when she was doing something completely unique and funky, though, she knew how to add in a touch of elegance to match her more demure garbs, as with this slick sweep-up style.

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Always adventurous

Phoebe could really never be accused of being understated. Just check out the intense twist-detailing of this ornate low bun.

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Sensational spikes

She was also unafraid to let her hair stand out -- literally -- when she was feeling frisky with her wild-colored wardrobe.

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Pin penchant

There was always so much detailing in her 'dos that it was hard to look at anything else on-screen sometimes.

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Ribbons and rhinestones

Even when she was going for something more understated, there was still a lot of thought and effort put into her hairpieces.

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Matchy matchy

Just like with her gobs of costume jewelry and colorful coats, no one else ever even tried to keep up with all of the hair accessories Phoebe had going on at any given time.

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Butterfly queen

Even at her simplest follicular moments, there were still some style pieces thrown in, like with this butterfly-embellished bun, meant to match her earring and necklace set and, ya know, her overall personality.

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Always on

Put simply, Phoebe was pretty much always trying something new with her look, like with this side swept spiky bun and barrettes business from the Vegas trip. Regina Phalange had it going on.

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Double trouble

She really had that ready-to-chant around a cauldron air about her sometimes, didn't she?

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Britney's poms

Oops she did it again.

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Swedish surprise

Even the bombshell look was somehow right there in her wheelhouse when she wanted it to be.

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Bridal blonde

How perfect were these silky curls for her wedding day ensemble? It doesn't get much more classic than that.

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She just DGAF

Phoebe was a sly hero of hair exploration, and she knew it, too.