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A Holiday Gift Guide for Outlander Fans

They'll sing YOU a song after getting these goodies

1 of 23 Starz

21 Gift Ideas for the Outlander Fan in Your Life

2 of 23 Starz

21 Gift Ideas for the Outlander Fan in Your Life

Looking for something special to get the Outlander fan in your life this holiday season? If they don't already have a Starz subscription lined up to binge the series any time they like, well, that's one easy option. On top of that, though, we've gathered some of the coolest show-themed gifting options to help guide you in the right direction when shopping for your Clan Fraser-faithful friends and family members this year.

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Start at the beginning

It might seem like a no-brainer, but if the Outlander fan on your shopping list hasn't already ripped into Diana Gabaldon's epic historical fiction series upon which the show is based, they're in for a major treat if and when this eight-book hardcover set finds its way under the tree this year.

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Dig a little deeper

Gabaldon's series covers a whole lot of ground with its timelines, settings, and characters' personal histories, so for those who aren't fluent in Gaelic phraseology or up to speed on all that Highlander history, the series' verbiage can be a little confusing at times. To help flesh out some of the more nuanced details, the author put together her very own guidebook called Outlandish to resolve some of the most frequently asked questions and offer some new fun facts about the books, like how her little time travel system even works. For the Outlander fan who just can't get enough of the books, this companion manuscript should be a fun read indeed.

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The other side

Outlander fans have gotten a few bits and pieces of the devastating backstory (no pun intended) that led to Jamie Fraser ending up with Clan MacKenzie and meeting the vexing Claire Beauchamp, but none of it compares to what The Exile has to offer. The graphic novel, authored by Diana Gabaldon and illustrated by Hoang Nguyen, depicts the earliest events of the series from Jamie's perspective, offering new takes on familiar scenes and new details on his whereabouts throughout the original events of the books.

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Take it home

Streaming the series on Starz and watching new episodes live on-screen is all well and good, but for those fans who prefer physical media, the collector's editions of Outlander's first, second, and third season discs offer a lot of extras that should make them worth the while, from show-themed keepsakes to behind-the-scenes goodies from production.

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Journey back

The story behind Outlander's journey from the page to the screen on Starz is commemorated in this behind-the-scenes feature with key art and stories from the set of the first two seasons.

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Step into it

For those Outlander fanatics with a bit of wanderlust who are just itching to travel to Scotland see all of the sublime sights from the show live and in person, a show-specific travel guide to all the quaint castles and lush locales might just be the ticket this holiday season.

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Spice things up

Outlander has often celebrated the cuisines and food cultures of the groups and timelines explored throughout the story. So, if the one on your list just so happens to love the show and experimenting in the kitchen, the Official Outlander Companion Cookbook will teach them how to make some on-theme dishes like coddled egg, cock-a-leekie soup, and pumpkin seed and herb oatcakes.

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Play along

The bad thing about loving a show that holds so many emotional twists and turns as Outlander is that it can leave audiences feeling pretty helpless as they watch their favorite couple endure so many obstacles. Enter Outlander: Destiny Dice, a game that hands over the power to control Jamie and Claire's fate to fans.

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Color pencil therapy

Adult coloring books are extremely relaxing and transportative, so for the Outlander faithful, Diana Gabaldon's official coloring book should prove to be an instant happy place every time, whether it's in Lallybroch Castle or their own living room..

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Turn the page

"Sassenach" may be a traditionally derogatory way to describe an English woman, but Jamie Fraser has single-handedly turned the term into a compliment of the most romantic order. In other words, this kinda bookmark should stricted be gifted to those who appreciate the series -- otherwise they might get the wrong idea.

13 of 23 Amazzon

Set the musical mood

There's no underestimating how valuable Bear McCreary has been to Outlander's success. Every single episode begins his fanciful version of "The Skye Boat Song," and all the most emotional moments are underscored by his sublime score compositions. Listening to the soundtracks for seasons one, two, and three is a lot like stepping into Craigh na Dun and revisiting everything the characters went through, step for melodic step.

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Scribble stack

If there's one thing Outlander is almost guaranteed to inspire in its audience, it's an appreciation for doing things the old-fashioned way, like writing real letters to loved ones. This elegant and subtle Outlander-themed stationery set is sure to inspire some penmanship practice and might even earn you some thoughtful new parcels, too.

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Dragonfly in Amber

This necklace might not be the most obvious bit of Outlander flare, but those familiar with Diana Gabaldon's second book of the series will definitely appreciate the wearable reference.

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Planning for the future

Who doesn't want to spend every week of 2019 staring at a new piece of steamy show art with this annual planner?

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Daily affirmations

Also on the table, in more ways than one, is this 2019 desk calendar which offers quotes and key scene stills every single day.

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Dress the part

No matter the era she's in, Claire Fraser has some highly inimitable style. One of her more unique sartorial tricks is to utilize accessories that are bit off kilter, like her thick cowl scarf and matching arm warmer set -- both of which would make excellent stocking stuffers for any Outlander fan to keep nice and toasty this winter.

19 of 23 Torrid

Both sides now

For those who can't quite quit Frank Randall, this necklace honors both of Claire's husbands with replicas of both of her wedding rings.

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Down to size

As with most fan-frenzied series, Funko Pop has released a line of Outlander-themed character toys. And while the dolls for Jamie and Claire have since been "vaulted," and are thus a bit harder to find, there are still other characters available for stuffing stockings, including Frank Randall, the big bad Black Jack Randall (in his fine British Army garbs, of course), and Dougal MacKenzie.

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Cheers to these

The Outlander fan in your life will definitely want to raise a toast to you with these pint glasses embellished with the series symbol and the crest of Clan Fraser.

22 of 23 Torrid

How charming

For the jewelry lovers in the Outlander fan crowd, there are some choice statement pieces available to help celebrate the series' most memorable symbols, from the Scottish thistle to the dragonfly to a Celtic knot.

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Wear it out

When in doubt, themed tee-shirts are always in style, and this Craigh na Dun-inspired design is just sly enough to go unnoticed by anyone who isn't a fan of the show, so anyone who wears it'll automatically know they're in good company based on the kind of reactions they get.