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All the Best Cosplay at New York Comic Con 2019

New York Comic Con 2019 packed the Javits Center with fans cosplaying as superheroes and pop culture icons

Michael Sorrentino
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NYCC Cosplay

New York Comic Con 2019 packed the Javits Center with fans cosplaying as superheroes and pop culture icons.

This Marvel-themed group includes Jason as Captain America, Gary as The Punisher, Kelly as Black Cat, and Lee as Scarlet Witch.

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May from Overwatch

Nikki Gee (@nikkigeecosplay) has put together a stylish take on May from the Overwatch video game.

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Riverdale mashup

Krain Fish (@kraincubine) mashes up two Riverdale characters for her Comic Con costume, combining Betty and Jughead.

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Star Wars' Rey

Melissa Zimmerman (@mellesin) cosplays as captive Rey from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Femme Fatales

From left to right: Anna as Helga Sinclair from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Kelly as Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations, Ali as Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Cate as Pitch Black from Rise of the Guardians, Giselle as Hades from Hercules, and Olivia as Robin from Stranger Things.

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Killmonger and Spider-Man

A father-son duo at their first Comic Con together, Danny (@don_made_this) cosplayed as Black Panther's Killmonger alongside his son, DJ, who dressed as Spider-Man.

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Captain Marvel and Jessica Jones

Lucky Grim (@luckygrim) cosplayed as Captain Marvel, and Mhysa Rose (@mhysarose) cosplayed as Jessica Jones.

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Mystery Man and Black Widow

Mike Mullligan has dressed up as the Blue Raja from the 1999 film Mystery Men. His wife, Fiona Larkin, cosplays as Marvel's Black Widow.

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Legends of the Hidden Temple

Courtney (@nickygrl2000) and Dan Velez have brought Nickelodeon nostalgia to Comic Con dressed as contestants from Legends of the Hidden Temple.

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Wonder Woman

Nicole (@nameisnicole) as Wonder Woman.

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Mary Poppins

Mom Jennifer Huston and daughter Courtney Huston have re-created two generations of Mary Poppins.

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Where's Waldo

Kenny (@choobacca1) has been found as Waldo from the Where's Waldo series.

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Homemade Peter Parker

At his first Comic Con ever, William Hyland (@williamchyland) cosplays as Peter Parker wearing his homemade Spider-suit before getting a Tony Stark-provided upgrade in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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School Girl Godzilla

Cass (@asgardian.latina) cosplays as part anime schoolgirl and part Godzilla.

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Sailor Thanos

Carla (@wakandantitan) cosplays as a mashup of Sailor Moon and Thanos from the Avengers films. With the Infinity Gauntlet on one arm, what horror might the wand bring?

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The Boys

Cosplaying as characters from Amazon's The Boys are Chris (@cosplaysbyshinobi) as A-Train, Rachel (@marvelousrachel) as The Female, and Cheri Izzo (@ctotheizzo) as Starlight.

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Wonder Woman

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HIM from Power Puff Girls

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Frodo and Smeagol from Lord of the Rings

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Children of the Forest from Game of Thrones

Children of the Forest from Game of Thrones

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Michael Jackson and Prince

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Spider Gwen

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Pennywise from IT

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Harley Quinn

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Dr. Doom

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Shy Guys

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Pickle Rick from Rick and Morty

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Green Goblin and Aquaman