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Golden Girls Costume Guide

If you threw a party ...

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How to Pull off the Ultimate Golden Girls Group Costumes

If you really want to thank your best gal pals for being your friends this Halloween, why not join forces to celebrate one of TV's most iconic female quartets with Golden Girls-themed group costumes? Between Dorothy Zbornak (Bea Arthur)'s brains, Sophia Petrillo (Estelle Getty)'s sharp sass, Blanche Devereaux (Rue McLanahan)'s endless innuendos, and Rose Nylund (Betty White)'s doe-eyed dumdum routine, these ladies are still #goals for pretty much anyone with an eye to approaching senior citizenship with style, and their vintage looks are still quite iconic. With a few key costume tips, you too will be able to travel down the road and back again with your best friends, so click through to see how you can bring Golden Girls to your group outing this Halloween.

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All wound up

Anyone trying to emulate the Golden Girls will need to get their hairdos down pat. To become the Sicilian matriarch Sophia, you'll need to sport short silver-white tendrils with very tight curls. One option is to invest in a super thin styling wand (that might come in handy later on) along with some coloring spray, but you can also just splurge on a wig that matches her signature style and save some time.

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Ready for bed-head

Blanche's light brunette locks are a little looser than the other girls -- insert the requisite Sophia snap about her sexuality here -- so they might be more easily replicated with an ordinary short shear and salon blowout. If you don't want to cut and tease your tresses, though, a matching wig is also preferable.

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Blonde ambition

Rose's pale blonde bob can be achieved with a beachy wave iron and some temporary spray, but if you decide to opt for a hairpiece to simplify things, the good news is it can easily be used for your next Marilyn Monroe look-alike opp as well. Rose really was kind of a dish, no?

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Schoolmarm chic

For Dorothy's 'do, you can either opt for a super short and feathery mop top approach, or you could go for a timelier side-swept approach and still be on-brand for the whip-smart substitute teacher's aesthetic. The key is to keep it simple because Dorothy could hardly be expected to spare any care for her hair.

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A handbag to hold onto

Almost any frumpy old frock will do for Sophia's wardrobe -- although a solid cardigan over a scalloped blouse with kitten-heeled pumps would work best. The real trick is to incorporate her two most iconic accessories: her thick-framed throwback glasses and her tiny straw handbag. Without them, it's just an ordinary old lady garb, but with them, the resemblance to the pint-sized spitfire will be uncanny.

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Bulk it up, buttercup

Dorothy could almost always be counted on to sport cowl neck blouses and thick sweater jackets, despite the fact that she lived in the hottest state in the US. Every so often she would mix it up, though, with silky blouses fit with a scarf or a lengthy vest and matching drape beads to satisfy her penchant for multiple layers. No matter the piece, though, there was one thing she almost always wore beneath: bulky shoulder pads. Uncomfortable as they may be to the modern sensibilities, those shoulder pads are a must for any Dorothy Zbornak impersonator worth her salt.

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Brighten up the place

To capture Rose's sunny personality, bright colors are key to matching her aesthetic. She usually dressed in business-ready blazers or pastel button-ups and topped it all off with a set of simple costume pearls. The key is to keep it quaint and stare off into space as regularly as possible because Rose's most consistent physical feature was a confused expression.

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Nightlife ready

The most sartorially selective roommate of the bunch was Blanche, who defaulted to silky blouses and drizzled herself with jewelry no matter what she was doing ... or who she was doing for that matter. Those kind of throwback duds can be pricey and hard to find, though. If you run out of luck at the thrift store but still want to capture the siren-ish essence of Blanche, opt for a simple satin robe and matching sleep mask and, as a bonus, you'll be all set for bedtime after the party is done.

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Live it up

All the wigs, clothing pieces, and costume accessories in the world still won't be enough to really bring the Golden Girls to life this Halloween. You'll also need to practice their mannerisms and personality features as well. Be ready to snipe at naysayers as Sophia or correct everyone's grammar with a huff while Dorothy. Saunter around the place like you own it as Blanche, and cook up a wild story about St. Olaf to really capture Rose's conversational style. In other words, look the part and play the part, and this is bound to be a Halloween to remember 'til your own golden girl years come along.