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Friends 25th Anniversary Photo Gallery

Let's remember some classic moments and styles on this milestone anniversary

_Friends_ cast drinking milkshakes
1 of 25 NBC/Getty Images

Treat time

Here, the cast of Friends posed with milkshakes, and while ice cream might not have been their preferred treat throughout the series, this early promo shot would become one of the most memorable ones they ever did together.

2 of 25 Reisig & Taylor/NBC/Getty Images

Back to where it all began

Another early promo shot from Friends shows the cast posing next to the fountain that would become an iconic piece of the show's history, thanks to the earworm theme song.

3 of 25 Getty Images

Recreating a famous shot of the city

Although Friends was not filmed in New York, the Big Apple was the centerpiece of the show's action -- apart from a few visits to other locales like London, Las Vegas, and Tulsa. So, the cast was pictured with the city in the background to replicate the famous 1932 picture, "Lunch atop a Skyscraper."

4 of 25 Alice S. Hall/NBC/Getty Images

Chilling at Central Perk

One of the most enduring settings for Friends was Central Perk, the coffee shop that the crew liked to hang out in. Thanks to a subtle "reserved" sign which was visible in some early shots, they were almost always able to lay claim to the orange couch.

5 of 25 NBC/Getty Images

Spying on Ugly Naked Guy

From: "The One Where Everybody Finds Out"

The breadth of Monica's window made it easy for all six Friends to get in on the view of their neighbor, Ugly Naked Guy, a supporting character we rarely got to see but who inspired a lot of hijinks in Apartment 20.

6 of 25 Andrew Eccles/NBC/Getty Images

All gussied up

It was rare for all six Friends stars to wear black in the show -- Ross and Monica's grandma's funeral was one such occasion -- but here, the cast looked particularly fierce in their matching black formalwear.

7 of 25 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

The holiday tradition

Thanksgiving was always a festive affair on Friends, and in this episode, things were particularly eventful as Monica had a pseudo-date with Richard's son, and Chandler tried to make up for kissing Kathy by laying in a box to "do some thinkin'."

8 of 25 NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/ Getty Images

Mastering dirty talk

Considering how out of practice he was with dating, Ross often needed the advice of his pals, including this memorable moment when Joey and Chandler tried to help him master the art of dirty talk to satisfy his latest love interest.

9 of 25 Reisig & Taylor/NBC/Getty Images

The trio

This promo shot of the Friends fellas reminded us that even though Joey and Chandler were the bromance of the show, their relationship with Ross was also vital to the comedic prowess of the series. Remember when he moved in and started doing that "hush" hand movement, so they retaliated by trying to get him to move into a veritable shoe box? Classic.

10 of 25 Getty Images

Rachel Green, hair and fashion icon

This promo shot from 1996 shows Jennifer Aniston sporting the iconic hairstyle and chic fashion styling of Rachel Green. Her short skirt line and shoulder-baring straps would become a hallmark of her look in Friends' early seasons.

11 of 25 Getty Images

Phoebe's killer 'do, too

This Lisa Kudrow promo shot from Friends reminds us that although "The Rachel" was the most famous 'do of the show's ladies, she, too, had some lovely locks.

12 of 25 NBC/Getty Images

Joey's comeback

In this memorable moment from Friends, Joey managed to talk his way back onto Days of Our Lives after his ego almost lost him the opportunity to return to the soap. However, instead of coming in as Striker Ramoray, Drake's twin brother, he returned as Drake ... with Jessica Lockhart's brain instead of his own to keep it interesting.

13 of 25 Getty Images

The famous guest stars

Friends was chockfull of famous guest stars (including those who'd become famous long after their appearance on the series), including Julia Roberts as an old frenemy of Chandler's named Susie Moss. Roberts might've been a pro at adapting to the live audience scene, but some of the other famous faces to make way through Central Perk weren't quite as comfortable with the new atmosphere.

14 of 25 Getty Images

The odd couple

Chandler and Monica were certainly endgame, but before their London romp became something much more, Monica only had eyes for Richard Burke. D'aw.

15 of 25 David Hume Kennerly, Getty Images


Matt LeBlanc's gift with physical humor and funny faces really helped to elevate the, as Joey would call it, "gentle comedy" of Friends.

16 of 25 Alice S. Hall/NBC/Getty Images

Dr. Monkey

When Ross found out he'd have to give up his monkey Marcel, he, Joey, and Chandler paid accidental homage to the simian species by replicating the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" sight gag that was so often done by primates.

17 of 25 NBC/Getty Images

Squishing together

In this promo shot, the Friends stars paid a visit to a junkyard, which may have been a nod to Phoebe's backstory about running around a tire yard after he mother died. Cue another round of spin-off/prequel talk!

18 of 25 Jon Ragel/NBC/Getty Images

Cleaned up

This promo shot of the Friends cast posing in bathtubs might remind fans of the time that Monica taught Chandler how to take a proper bath and was rewarded for her efforts with him taking her tub time (so not proper bathtime decorum).

19 of 25 Randy Tepper/NBC/Getty Images

Growing up

In this memorable moment from Friends' first season, baby Ben got to meet his Aunt Monica. Little did either of them know, when Ben became a toddler he'd kinda sorta foreshadow Monica becoming a Bing by calling her "Monica Bang" for knocking him into the wooden post.

20 of 25 Danny Feld/NBC/Getty Images

Getting hitched

Of course, no Friends wedding could happen without at least a little bit of drama unfolding. Ross' marriage to Emily featured him saying the wrong name; Carol's wedding to Susan was interrupted by Phoebe's guest spirit saying something rude out loud; Ross and Rachel's wedding in Vegas was a drunken disaster; and here, Chandler and Monica's wedding featured a pregnancy mystery which would become the centerpiece for the season to follow.

21 of 25 NBC/Getty Images

The first kiss

Who can forget the first moment when Ross and Rachel first kissed? Despite the fact that he was still with Julie at the time, his all-consuming passion for Rachel made it impossible to resist the opportunity to share a smooch with the woman he'd adored since childhood. Their star-crossed romance was the relationship arc of the series, even if other couplings came and went along the way.

22 of 25 Getty Images

Rachel and Ross waiting for baby

Just like weddings, baby deliveries were also filled with unexpected incidents on Friends. Phoebe's brother's triplets were delivered by a guy with a very meta Happy Days obsession, and during Ben's birth, Ross got stuck with Susan and Phoebe in a janitor's closet. For Rachel, the big problem was just how slow her labor was ... and the fact that she couldn't decide on a name and had to steal Monica's favorite moniker, Emma.

23 of 25 Jon Ragel/NBC/Getty Images

The frame

Here, the cast posed with an empty frame, perhaps as a nod to the unique piece of door decor that became a signature icon of the show as a whole.

24 of 25 NBC/Getty Images

Cozy pose

Here, the cast coupled up on a very different couch in a shot that's sure to make certain Friends fans sad about the fact that Joey and Phoebe never acted on all of their flirtation throughout the years.

25 of 25 Getty Images

Six stars

The cast of Friends might've started out with very little fame to their names, but by the time the show ended, they were all superstars. Part of their appeal was their unity -- the cast famously negotiated for their paychecks to be the same and regarded themselves as part of an ensemble, instead of one star or the other having top billing. 25 years after the series' pilot aired, many of them are still close friends in real life as a result of the solidarity and relationship-building that went down between them throughout Friends' run.