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Clear your schedule, because it's time to binge watch some TV.

1 of 21 Jojo Whilden/Netflix

Binge-ers, at the ready.

With Netflix releasing so many incredible shows on its platform, it's no wonder that more and more people seem to be jumping on the binge-watching bandwagon. If you're craving a series marathon but have no clue where to start, don't fret. According to Netflix, these are the best shows to binge over one week.

2 of 21 Erica Parise/Netflix


Alison Brie, Marc Maron and Betty Gilpin star in this '80s comedy about a struggling actress who is thrown into the glittering world of women's wrestling. The vibrant costumes alone are worth the binge.

3 of 21 Netflix

Master of None

Comedian Aziz Ansari navigates the ups and downs of life in this addicting comedy. Also, the second season begins in Italy and will have you craving delicious food in no time. Digging into Italian grub and binge-ing a TV show sounds like heaven.

4 of 21 Sarah Shatz/Netflix

Marvel's The Defenders

Get your Marvel fix on with your four of your faves - Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist - all together in one show. This is what binge-ing was made for.

5 of 21 Barbara Nitke/Netflix

Friends from College

A show with a bunch of comedy kings and queens? Yes, please! This comedy about friends from Harvard going through their 40s together is not one to miss.

6 of 21 Cara Howe/Netflix

Orange Is the New Black

An emotional rollercoaster, Orange is the New Black has seasons just waiting to be devoured. Plus, it has a sixth and seventh season on the way so you can get caught up before they drop.

7 of 21 Robert Voets/Netflix

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

The effect that Gilmore Girls has had on popular culture is undeniable. The long-awaited revival is worth every hour spent laughing and weeping along with Lorelai and Rory.

8 of 21 David Giesbrecht/Netflix

House of Cards

If you're in the mood for (fictional) turbulent political drama, this show is the perfect pick.

9 of 21 Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Who wouldn't want to marathon a show that comes from the brilliant comedic mind of Tina Fey? Fall in love with this zany and hilarious show about a young woman acclimating to normal adult life after being saved from an underground cult.

10 of 21 Courtesy Netflix

Stranger Things

Spooky, funny and mysterious, Stranger Things has it all. Season 3 is estimated to launch in late 2018 or early 2019, so you have some time to binge the first two seasons on Netflix.

11 of 21 Mark Johnson/Netflix

Chewing Gum

Michaela Cole created and stars in this offbeat comedy about a religious young woman who's obsessed with Beyoncé.

12 of 21 Melissa Moseley/Netflix

Grace and Frankie

Who wouldn't want to spend hours and hours with Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda? Marathoning this show is like hanging out with old friends.

13 of 21 Mike Yarish/Netflix

Fuller House

The Tanners and Kimmy Gibbler are back for the revival of everyone's favorite family sitcom. And yes, Uncle Jesse still looks that good.

14 of 21 Suzanne Hanover/Netflix


Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs are so charming it's ridiculous, which is why Love is one of the best Netflix shows to watch.

15 of 21 Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are the TV pairing the world didn't know it needed. Santa Clarita Diet was just renewed for a third season, and the first two are ready to watch on Netflix.

16 of 21 Greg Gayne/Netflix

The Ranch

You'll want to move to Colorado and live on an actual ranch after watching this show starring Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott. Flannels aren't necessary to wear while watching, but it's highly suggested. Who doesn't want to be comfy when binge-ing a show?

17 of 21 Riley Smith/Netflix

Trailer Park Boys

A Canadian mockumentary series that's been on since 2001, The Trailer Park Boys is laugh-out-loud funny.

18 of 21 Gemma La Mana/Netflix

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

For some reason, adults playing teenagers never gets old. It's impossible not to laugh until you cry while binge-ing this comedy starring Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Michael Showalter, Elizabeth Banks and more familiar faces. If you're still craving more, you can binge Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later right after.

19 of 21 Netflix

F Is for Family

A raunchy cartoon set in the '70s is always worth watching, but especially if said cartoon is from the mind of comedian Bill Burr.

20 of 21 Greg Gayne/Netflix


If you're craving heartfelt and emotional, this show is for you. Atypical is about a teen on the autism spectrum who is ready to find love, and stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Rapaport and Keir Gilchrist.

21 of 21 Netflix

The Seven Deadly Sins

This fantasy anime series is one that is easily devoured. Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, it has two seasons on Netflix.