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Toughest _Friends_ Trivia Questions on Earth

This quiz is there for you.

Glenn Gaslin
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Toughest Friends Trivia Questions on Earth.

How well do you know your dear Friends? Take our trivia quiz about the classic, 1994-2004 sitcom, starring Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer, and find out!

Our quiz will test your knowledge on everything from the basics to the obscure: Who turned down the role of Rachel? What was the name of the game show Joey (Matt LeBlanc) auditioned for in Season 8? Which guest stars won Emmys? And what exactly did Chandler (Matthew Perry) do for a living?

Here's a Friends factoid we'll leave for you right here: The original cast of Friends is due to reunite in a special for the new streaming service HBO Max, which is launching May 27.

Prep for that very-special event, and hone your knowledge with our very-special Friends quiz. Click ahead to get started!

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1. What was the original title of Friends?

Friends was always known as Friends... Um, wasn't it? No, actually, it wasn't. Not in its pilot stage, at least. Click ahead to get the answer.

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Six of One

Yup, the original title of Friends' 1994 pilot was the kinda-catchy, kinda-confounding Six of One. (Prior to Six of One, the project was known as Friends Like Us.) In the end, of course, Friends, just Friends, is the name that stuck -- even if NBC brass thought the one-word title "was such a snore," according to former network exec Karey Burke.

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2. What actor was producers' first choice for Chandler Bing?

By now, it's impossible to think of anyone but Matthew Perry playing Chandler Bing. Click ahead to see who Friends producers had their hearts set on.

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Matthew Perry!

Was this a trick question? Not really. The truth is producers wanted Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, but they almost cast Craig Bierko because Perry was unavailable. When Perry became available, they went with their first Chandler choice -- and the rest is TV history.

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3. Name the TV star who was originally offered the role of Rachel.

It's true: If things had worked out differently, Jennifer Aniston might not have had a Friends role to play. Click ahead for the answer.

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Courteney Cox.

Yup, Courteney Cox, who'd had a recurring role on NBC's Family Ties, was the first choice for Rachel. But after reading the Friends pilot script for herself, Cox decided she'd rather play Monica. "For some reason, I thought I related more to Monica, which maybe it's because I do," Cox once told Today.

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4. What band sings the opening-credits song?

Is this one too easy? Only if you know the answer. Click ahead -- we'll be there for you with the answer!

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​The Rembrandts.

A three-minute-plus, full-length version of the Rembrandts' "I'll Be There for You" was released commercially in 1995. The pop-duo's song rose to No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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5. What's the name of the game show that Joey auditions for in Season 8?

And, just like in any good quiz show, you're on the clock... Click ahead for the answer.

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As seen in the Season 8 Friends episode, "The One with the Baby Shower," Bamboozled is a game show with incredibly complicated rules.

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6. What color is the couch in Central Perk?

The Central Perk couch is almost another character on Friends. So, what color is it? Click ahead to get the answer.

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The Central Perk couch -- make that, the orange Central Perk couch -- is first seen in the very first Friends, "The Pilot," which debuted on NBC on September 22, 1994.

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7. What is Chandler's job?

This may be the toughest question in the entire quiz. The answer we're looking for would be the gig that Chandler (Matthew Perry) held for most of Friends' run. Click ahead for the answer.

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IT procurement manager.

So, that's what he does all day! In later seasons, Chandler (Matthew Perry) becomes a junior copywriter at an ad agency.

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8. What is Phoebe’s twin sister’s name?

Fun, if obvious fact: Phoebe Buffay and her twin are both played by Lisa Kudrow. So, what's the name of the Buffay who's not Phoebe? Click ahead to find out.

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Ursula Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) was originally a character on Mad About You.

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9. Which Friends cast member has never hosted Saturday Night Live?

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC, as Friends originally did. So, network synergy and the sitcom's popularity made Friends stars naturals for hosts. Click ahead to see the one series regular who hasn't hosted.

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Matt LeBlanc.

Of the main Friends cast members, Jennifer Aniston has hosted SNL the most: two times.

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10. What is the “Joey special”?

Joey (Matt LeBlanc) may not be the brightest light, but the "Joey special" is pretty smart, actually. Click ahead to find out what it is.

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Ordering two pizzas at once!

Like we said, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) is definitely on to something.

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11. What famous person does Phoebe believe is her grandfather?

To be sure, there's never a dull moment with Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow). Click ahead to find out the answer to this one.

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Albert Einstein!

Say what? As explained in the Season 2 episode, "The One with Phoebe's Dad," Phoebe's grandmother Frances (Audra Lindley) kept a framed picture of Albert Einstein in her apartment -- and Phoebe assumed the man was her granddad.

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12. What does Phoebe change her name to in the final season?

The union of Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Mike (Paul Rudd) spurred one of Friends' craziest developments. Click ahead to get the answer.

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Princess Consuela Bananahammock!

After marrying Mike (Paul Rudd), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) realizes she can change her name to anything. Challenge accepted!

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13. What does Ross say that Rachel’s “traditional English trifle” tastes like?

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) makes her famous English trifle in the Season 6 Friends episode, "The One Where Ross Got High."

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In the Thanksgiving-themed episode, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) mistakenly combines a recipe for shepherd's pie with one for trifle. Um, yum.

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14. How many categories for towels does Monica have?

Yes, Monica (Courteney Cox) is a bit of an organizing freak. Click ahead to get the answer.

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Four of the towel categories are mentioned in the Season 4 episode, "The One with the Embryos": They are "everyday," "fancy," "guest" and "fancy guest."

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15. What is Chandler’s dad’s burlesque show called?

Chandler (Matthew Perry) has a complicated relationship with his family, but you can unravel this mystery with the correct answer. Click ahead to get it.

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"Viva Las Gaygas."

On Friends, Charles Bing is portrayed by Oscar-nominee Kathleen Turner.

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16. What high school did Ross, Monica and Rachel attend?

This trio of Friends friends go way back. Click ahead to see the name of their alma mater.

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Lincoln High School.

Siblings Ross (David Schwimmer) and Monica (Courteney Cox) and their Lincoln High friend Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) grew up in Long Island, New York.

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17. What country does Chandler tell Janice he’s moving to?

Oh, Chandler, Chandler, Chandler... Click ahead for the answer.

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Maggie Wheeler appears as Janice in more than one dozen Friends episodes, including Season 4's "The One with All the Rugby," the one with Chandler's Yemen fib.

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18. What is Monica’s biggest pet peeve?

So, Monica (Courteney Cox) is particular about a lot of things, but do you know which one really gets to her? Click ahead to find out.

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Animals dressed as humans.

Humans dressed as animals, though, are totally fine by Monica (Courteney Cox).

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19. What's the addressee's name on the TV Guide that arrives at Chandler and Joey's apartment?

We must say, Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) have excellent taste in reading material. Click ahead to unravel the TV Guide mystery.

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"Miss Chanandler Bong."

In the Season 4 Friends episode, "The One with the Embryos," Rachel incorrectly thinks the TV Guide is addressed to "Chandler Bing." How silly of her, right?

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20. What fruit is Ross allergic to?

No, this fruit is not kind to Ross (David Schwimmer). Click ahead to find out what it is.

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The kiwi-lime pie incident occurs in the Season 2 Friends episode, "The One with the Baby on the Bus."

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21. What's the name of Joey’s stuffed animal?

Don't judge Joey (Matt LeBlanc) -- just name his stuffed animal, and click ahead to confirm your answer.

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Aw, Huggsy -- Joey's bedtime penguin pal! The lovey is first referenced in the Season 5 Friends episode, "The One Where Everybody Finds Out."

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22. Which two Friends guest stars won Emmys for their performances?

Over 10 seasons, Friends had a lot of famous guest stars, but only two Primetime Emmy-winners for Guest Actor or Guest Actress. Name them, and then click ahead to confirm your answer.

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Christina Applegate and Bruce Willis.

On Friends, Christina Applegate plays Rachel's sister Amy; Willis plays Paul Stevens, the father of Ross's girlfriend Elizabeth (Alexandra Holden).

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23. Who plays Joey’s roommate Janine?

Joey (Matt LeBlanc) goes through a good number of roommates on Friends, but right now we're just looking for info on Janine. Click ahead for the answer.

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Elle Macpherson.

Best known as a supermodel, Elle Macpherson appears as Joey's roomie in five Season 6 episodes.

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24. Name the sport -- and position -- Monica played in high school.

Do you remember the prep-athletic career of Monica (Courteney Cox)? Give it your best shot, and then click ahead for the answer.

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Field hockey goalie.

As we learn in Friends, Monica's on-field nickname was, well, "Big Fat Goalie."

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25. Name the neighbor who lives below Monica and Rachel.

So many Friends neighbors, so many potential trivia questions... Click ahead for the answer to this one.

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Mr. Heckles.

Mr. Heckles (Larry Hankin) is last seen in the Season 2 episode, "The One Where Heckles Dies," in which, yes, Mr. Heckles dies.

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26. What entertainer is Chandler terrified of?

Chandler (Matthew Perry) seems like the type who's afraid of a lot of things and people, but we're only looking for one name here. Click ahead for the answer.

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Michael Flatley.

Yes, Michael Flatley, the "Lord of the Dance" guy. In the Season 4 episode, "The One with the Embryos," we learn Chandler (Matthew Perry) can't stand that, when performing, Flatley's legs move independently of his body.

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27. Which character once got a pencil stuck in his/her ear?

You've got a one-in-six chance of getting this right. Click ahead for the answer.

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Hey, things happen! Also, as we learn in Friends, Monica (Courteney Cox) was only 14 at the time!

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28. What musical does Joey star in during Season 1?

You have to give it to Joey (Matt LeBlanc): He is indeed a working actor. Click ahead to find out the title of one of his earliest productions of the Friends era.

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As seen in Season 1's "The One with the Butt," Joey (Matt LeBlanc) not only stars in Freud!, he plays the famed founder of psychoanalysis himself, Sigmund Freud.

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29. Name the franchise Ross claims to have come up with the idea for.

We'll give him credit: Ross (David Schwimmer) doesn't think lightly of himself. Click ahead for the answer.

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Jurassic Park.

Yes, years after seeming annoyed when Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) jokes that the events of Jurassic Park could happen in real life, the dino-obsessed Ross is seen taking credit for dreaming up the idea of the blockbuster Steven Spielberg movie (and Michael Chrichton novel) in the Season 7 episode, "The One with Rachel's Book."

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30. What is Phoebe’s fake name?

Let's keep it straight: Phoebe's fake name is not the one she adopted after her marriage. Click ahead to sort things out, and get the answer.

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Regina Phalange.

Hey, who doesn't need an alter ego?