Archie Panjabi, Michael J. Fox Archie Panjabi, Michael J. Fox

The Good Wife's second season has featured a twisted love triangle, a heated political campaign and a surprising in-house fight for the firm. But the show is just getting warmed up.

Co-creator and executive producer Robert King spoke with reporters at the Television Critics Association's winter previews Friday about what's coming up for the second half the season (the election! A big Kalinda revelation!) He also clued us in on what you can expect from the slate of upcoming guest stars, including a third appearance by Michael J. Fox and new information on America Ferrera's scandalous arc.

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The Election Results Are (Almost) In: Producers say viewers will learn whether Peter (Chris Noth), Glenn Childs (Titus Welliver) or Wendy Scott-Carr (Anika Noni Rose) will win the state's attorney election sooner rather than later. "It's all coming down to how Peter's win or loss will affect Alicia (Julianna Margulies). And does she want him to win? A win returns him to a world she put behind her happily," King said. Margulies added that she doesn't even know who wins.

More Dirt Ahead on Lockhart Gardner's Private Eye:  King said fans will learn something about Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) that will "make a lot more sense." She "is an interesting character because she has to be slightly operatic: high emotions and also high visual drama. What we want to show is that there was also a real suffering person in there too," King said. Also look for a "battle royale" between Kalinda and Blake (Scott Porter) later this season.

America Ferrera, Jerry Stiller to guest on The Good Wife

Producers Keeping It All in the Family: Dallas Roberts, who plays Alicia's brother, Owen, will be back for two more episodes this season. So will fans ever get to meet Alicia and Owen's much-discussed mother? "We're torn on that because we don't want to do the stunt casting for the mom. If we did do it, it might be in the realm of not some high-profile actress, but someone who is very real," King said.

Politics Turn Ugly: Ugly Betty's Ferrera will appear in three episodes, playing "someone who Eli thinks he's going to use in the campaign, but in the process he struggles with the fact that he's becoming attracted to her," King said. "He's going to use her to create a scandal about Wendy [Scott-Carr] in the campaign."

Michael J. Fox returning to The Good Wife

More Returning Favorites: After appearing in episode 13, Fox will then return for a third episode later this season. Look for ballistics expert (and the object of Diane's affection), Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole) to also re-enter the mix. Producers are currently working to get Martha Plimpton, who played hard-hitting health insurance attorney Patti Nyholm in two episodes last season, to appear in episode 21.

Jill Flint's FBI Agent Lana Delaney will be back to go toe-to-toe with Kalinda again in the "very charged" 14th episode. "Kalinda's finding that she's losing her resource in the state's attorney's office in Cary (Matt Czuchry), so she goes to a higher friend," King said. "But what comes with that is obviously the sexual interest the two have in each other."

A Possible Donald Rumsfield Cameo?: Producers said they are hoping to get former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield to make an appearance as himself in episode 16, as a witness brought in to defend aggressive interrogation techniques like waterboarding.

The Good Wife airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.