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  • Disney Channel Presents the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards

    6:00PM | DISNEY

    The 2017 awards are presented at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Scheduled performers: Kelsea Ballerini; Erin Bowman; Alessia Cara; Sabrina Carpenter; Noah Cyrus; Jordan Fisher; Julia Michaels; Hailee Steinfeld; Train; Grace VanderWaal; and Fitz and the Tantrums. Also: Britney Spears receives the Icon Award.

  • Forged in Fire: Cutting Deeper

    Judges Pick (Season 1 | Episode 20)

    6:59PM | HIST

    Enhanced episode. The four judges each pick a past bladesmith to represent them in the ultimate battle. First, the bladesmiths forge a signature blade made with steel from the streets of New York. The two finalists craft a sword that originated from the most skilled blacksmiths in West Africa, the Ida.

  • Call the Midwife

    Episode 5 (Season 6 | Episode 5)

    7:00PM | PBS

    Nonnatus House welcomes a new recruit; a vulnerable young man captures the hearts of Fred and Violet, while the whereabouts of Sister Mary Cynthia causes distress among the team.

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  • Food Paradise

    Stack Attack (Season 10 | Episode 11)

    7:00PM | TRAVEL

    Highlighting foods that cast the most shade, the tallest meals in town are found Atlanta and Los Angeles.

  • Guy's Grocery Games

    Friend or Foe (Season 12 | Episode 16)

    7:00PM | FOOD

    Chefs who just met are forced to pair up and compete against other teams of perfect strangers for a shot at big money. First, teams serve up a fried feast using only ingredients that begin with the letter "F." Next, the duos create a fine dining dinner on a bare-bones budget. The surviving team must decide if they want to split $10,000 as friends, or compete against each other as foes in one last winner-take-all challenge worth $20,000.

  • Lakefront Bargain Hunt

    Securing a Future on Lake Sinclair, Georgia (Season 5 | Episode 6)

    7:00PM | HGTV

    A self-made couple are ready to reward themselves with a home for under $350,000 on Lake Sinclair, Ga., the perfect retreat for this family of four.

  • Little Big Shots

    Bend It Like Bella (Season 2 | Episode 8)

    7:00PM | NBC

    Skilled children include skateboarding siblings from Japan, a singer and guitarist, brothers with pizza-tossing prowess, a 10-year-old female contortionist, a dancer, and a "staring boy."

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  • NCIS: Los Angeles

    Golden Days (Season 8 | Episode 22)

    7:00PM | CBS

    A gold heist investigation partners the NCIS team with Hetty's former colleagues from the Vietnam War.

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  • Naked and Afraid: Uncensored

    Unhinged (Season 6 | Episode 6)

    7:00PM | DSC

    Enhanced episode includes additional footage. An ex-marine and a perky southern gal attempt to survive three weeks in the Panamanian Jungle. Constant downpours, cabin fever, threats from predators, lack of sleep and extreme hunger soon take its toll on one of them.

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  • Once Upon a Time

    The Black Fairy (Season 6 | Episode 19)

    7:00PM | ABC

    A flashback about Fiona and Rumple's fairy godmother reveals Rumple's destiny was prophesied, and Fiona did everything in her power to keep it from happening. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke, Rumple faces a dilemma similar to one his mother once faced.

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  • Return to Amish

    Mary With Children (Season 6 | Episode 1)

    7:00PM | TLC

    In the season premiere, Sabrina is in a new battle for custody of Oakley while dealing with her pregnancy; Jeremiah and Carmela plan to build a home in Florida; Rebecca wants to go back to school; and Mary learns sad news about her father.

  • The Circus: Inside the Biggest Story on Earth

    Learning Curve (Season 2 | Episode 7)

    7:00PM | SHO

    As Congress reconvenes, Mark McKinnon and John Heilemann head to Capitol Hill to find out what President Trump has learned in his first 100 days in office. Also, Mark Halperin goes to New York City to get Wall Street's perspective.

  • The Simpsons

    Looking for Mr. Goodbart

    7:00PM | FOX

    When Bart gets in hot water at the school's Grandparents Day, he's forced to hang out with Skinner's mother as punishment. The time spent with some neighborhood grandmas proves enlightening, but he eventually realizes the danger of taking advantage of them. Meanwhile, Peekimon Get takes over the town of Springfield.

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  • The White Princess

    Burgundy (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    7:00PM | STARZ

    Lizzie endures a difficult labor while King Henry's envoys embark on a diplomatic mission to Burgundy, a York stronghold abroad. Later, she discovers she and her husband have more in common than she imagined.

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  • American Gods

    The Bone Orchard (Season 1 | Episode 1)

    8:00PM | STARZ

    Mythological gods muster forces to prepare for war with modern-day deities. In the Series Premiere, Shadow Moon gets early release from prison and meets Mr. Wednesday, who recruites him to be his bodyguard.

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  • Big Time RV

    Back for More (Season 4 | Episode 11)

    8:00PM | TRAVEL

    In Tampa, two demanding customers return to shop for a new RV for themselves and their prized pooch, Heidi. Also: A comedian and his best bud and manager look for a coach to embark on their 68-city comedy tour. With their budget of $115,000, RV expert Steve Mularz shows them an appealing option, but the price tag is no laughing matter.

  • Chicago Justice

    AQD (Season 1 | Episode 11)

    8:00PM | NBC

    An anti-environmentalist alderman is killed during a vicious hit-and-run. Antonio and Nagel go all out to track down the driver, who turns out to be a frantic mother desperate to save her supposedly kidnapped daughter.

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  • Family Guy

    The Peter Principal (Season 15 | Episode 18)

    8:00PM | FOX

    When Peter becomes the temporary principal at the high school, Meg uses him to get even with bullies. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian's newly opened bed & breakfast quickly turns into a brothel.

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  • Good Witch

    A Budding Romance (Season 3 | Episode 1)

    8:00PM | HALMRK

    In the third-season opener, the townsfolk await the impending blooming of the Middleton Merriwick, but when the plant is cut, it has a dramatic impact on the Merriwick women. Meanwhile, Grace begins to suspect that Nick is going to ask her out.

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  • Guerrilla

    103 (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    8:00PM | SHO

    The gang moves to a secret location in the countryside and starts training to be soldiers. But the strain of being on the run begins to take its toll on Jas and Marcus' relationship. At the country house, the gang meets Eliette, a French Canadian radical who inspires Jas. In London, Pence turns to Kenya for help, as the gang becomes more notorious and a rival force tries to steal the case.

  • Home Fires on Masterpiece

    8:00PM | PBS

    Steph could lose the farm; Sarah faces a dangerous situation; Teresa contemplates a big decision; and Alison discovers the real reason for the parachute accidents.

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  • Iron Chef Gauntlet

    Sweet and Savory (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    8:00PM | FOOD

    An Iron Chef must be adaptable, so the Chairman's Challenge offers up a combination of ingredients that will be bittersweet for one chef. All items are first-come, first-served and cannot be shared, so the competitors race to the altar to grab their most desired elements. Alton sends the bottom chef to a sea creature-theme Secret Ingredient Challenge, along with the top competitor's choice. Iron Chef Marc Forgione and Giada De Laurentiis judge the dishes and send one chef packing.

  • Island Life

    Relaxing on Topsail Island, NC (Season 8 | Episode 7)

    8:00PM | HGTV

    A couple leading a hectic life in Trenton, N.C., where they run a veterinary clinic, shuttle their two kids around and tend to their very own farm, look to pause and relax by making their favorite vacation spot on Topsail Island their permanent home.

  • Madam Secretary

    Extraordinary Hazard (Season 3 | Episode 20)

    8:00PM | CBS

    As the U.S. hunts for the person believed to be behind the CIA arms smuggling case, Elizabeth and her team must work to save Jay when he's kidnapped in Nice, France, during a fact-finding mission into the suspect. Elsewhere, Henry suspects the doomsday cult are planning an attack in Israel; and Jason dupes his parents into giving him money for an expensive calculator when he's really using it to impress a girl.

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  • Match Game

    04-30-2017 (Season 2 | Episode 11)

    8:00PM | ABC

    Celebrity panelists include Adam Carolla; Ana Gasteyer; Chris Colfer; Christie Brinkley; Jay Pharoah; and Wendie Malick.

  • Naked and Afraid

    Curse of the Swamp (Season 7 | Episode 8)

    8:00PM | DSC

    Part 1 of 2. A former survivalist returns for his chance at redemption in the infamous haunted swamps of Louisiana and is joined by a determined Air Force veteran.

  • Superheroes Decoded

    American Legends (Season 1 | Episode 1)

    8:00PM | HIST

    The story of the American superhero begins with the creation of a number of them, including Superman, Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, and details how they've endured through the decades.

  • The Leftovers

    Crazy Whitefella Thinking (Season 3 | Episode 3)

    8:00PM | HBOEAL

    As the Departure anniversary approaches, Kevin Garvey Sr. is inspired to wander the Australian outback in an effort to save the world from apocalypse.

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  • The Real Housewives of Potomac

    Kick the Trick Out (Season 2 | Episode 5)

    8:00PM | BRAVO

    Monique hosts all the ladies for a card game, but dramas erupt when she must kick Gizelle out of her home. Also: Charrisse tries to move forward with her life; Karen hosts a celebration for her mother's 70th birthday; Ashley corners Robyn with rumors.

  • Big Time RV

    The Full-Timers

    8:30PM | TRAVEL

    These folks are giving up brick-and-mortar living for adventures on the open road. They just need to find the right RV to call home.

  • Island Life

    Fresh Start in Gulf Shores, AL (Season 8 | Episode 8)

    8:30PM | HGTV

    An Army vet is ready to trade in her combat boots for flip-flops and the beach. On the recommendation of a lieutenant, she checked out Gulf Shores, Ala., and immediately fell in love with the small-town charm and stunning beaches. Now, with the help of an agent, she looks for a two-bedroom condo with a pool as close to the beach as possible.

  • The Last Man on Earth

    The Big Day (Season 3 | Episode 16)

    8:30PM | FOX

    Tandy and Gail face off in a fierce argument that the whole group must weigh in on, and Carol is forced to choose sides. Meanwhile, Melissa, Todd and Erica experience moments they'll never forget.

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  • American Crime

    Season Three: Episode Eight (Season 3 | Episode 8)

    9:00PM | ABC

    In the Season 3 finale, Kimara counsels Dustin to tell the police about the crime that occurred in the Webcam house. Meanwhile, Clair and Nicholas profess their innocence to detectives and claim Gabrielle is the one to blame; and Jeanette is forced to consider the cost and sacrifice of social change.

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  • Billions

    Golden Frog Time (Season 2 | Episode 11)

    9:00PM | SHO

    Chuck finds he has much at stake in a venture; Axe takes out a huge short.

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  • Elementary

    Fly Into a Rage, Make a Bad Landing (Season 5 | Episode 21)

    9:00PM | CBS

    Bell's girlfriend, Chantal, is assaulted and her ex-husband is killed soon after, in what Holmes and Watson discover is a staged suicide. They then search for one suspect behind the linked crimes. Meanwhile, Bell fights his urge to seek his own brand of justice; and Sherlock makes a heartbreaking realization about Bell's past.

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  • Hawaii Life

    Leaving California for Kauai (Season 9 | Episode 12)

    9:00PM | HGTV

    Empty nesters who love to kayak look for a home near Kauai's warm waters.

  • Into the Badlands

    Black Heart, White Mountain (Season 2 | Episode 7)

    9:00PM | AMC

    Sunny confronts his inner demons while his friends struggle to help him. Meanwhile, the Widow exacts revenge on her enemies with help from a new, deadly partner.

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  • Iron Chef Eats

    Best Breakfasts (Season 1 | Episode 5)

    9:00PM | FOOD

    Favorite "Iron Chef" breakfasts. Included: Geoffrey Zakarian dreams about the waffles and quiches at Balthazar in New York City; Jonathon Sawyer kick-starts his day at Dove's in Chicago with their Southern-inspired Mexican food; Sarah Gruenberg greets the day with a savory bacon-and-egg sandwich and a slice of blueberry cornmeal cake at Huckleberry Bakery and Cafe in Santa Monica, Cal.; and Brad Farmerie is a big fan of the fried chicken and hash at the Country Cat in Portland, Ore.

  • Shades of Blue

    Chaos Is Come Again (Season 2 | Episode 9)

    9:00PM | NBC

    Harlee learns that someone is texting Cristina as her dead ex, Miguel; the case of a missing kid leads Wozniak to a local dealer who uses underage mules, which reminds Loman of what their unit is all about; and the crew gets caught in an ambush.

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  • The Arrangement

    Sins (Season 1 | Episode 9)

    9:00PM | E!

    Megan and Kyle must deal with the studio's troubling publicity campaign for "The Kill Plan." Meanwhile, Terence remains focused on his new project for the Institute; at the same time, DeAnn moves ahead with the new movie she's producing.

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  • Naked and Afraid XL

    What Lies Beneath (Season 2 | Episode 3)

    9:01PM | DSC

    The seven remaining survivalists enter the second week of their brutal 40-day challenge in the bug-infested Amazon Jungle. Later, two people tap out in the first four days.

  • Iron Chef Eats

    No Fork Needed (Season 1 | Episode 6)

    9:30PM | FOOD

    Tasty bites that don't require a knife and fork. From crunchy falafel to crispy chicken schnitzel, Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli loves to cradle the sandwiches at Shaya in New Orleans. Iron Chef winner Ed Lee finds great satisfaction with the meat-filled tacos at Big Star in Chicago. Also: Sarah Grueneberg prefers the burgers, chicken nuggets and fries at Trick Dog in San Francisco; and Beau MacMillan devours deviled eggs, oysters and chicken wings at Tavern and Table in Charleston, S.C.

  • Veep

    Georgia (Season 6 | Episode 3)

    9:31PM | HBOEAL

    Selina helps monitor the first free and democratic election in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. Meanwhile, Mike and Gary hide evidence of a major blunder; Jonah and Richard have an eventful night out; and, back in the U.S., Dan tries to help Amy.