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  • The Mick

    The Master (Season 1 | Episode 7)

    8:31PM | FOX

    The kids engage in a battle royal over who will get the master bedroom. Also, Mickey sets her sights on a wealthy guy, but he quickly realizes that what you see may not be what you are getting.

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  • Bizarre Foods

    By Grandma's Hands

    9:00PM | TRAVEL

    Andrew spends time with grandmothers who cook, tasting matriarchal recipes, including marinated armadillo; raccoon in possum juice; and boiled seal meat.

  • Bull

    Stockholm Syndrome (Season 1 | Episode 12)

    9:00PM | CBS

    Bull gets taken hostage following an attack at the TAC offices and the attacker forces him to investigate a manslaughter verdict that was levied on her husband.

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  • DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Raiders of the Lost Art (Season 2 | Episode 9)

    9:00PM | CW

    Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn try to capture Rip Hunter in 1967 and create an Aberration big enough to draw the attention of the Legends. However, when the team arrives they discover that Rip has no memories of his past due to "time drift" and is just a graduate film student. After trying to convince Rip of who he was, they discover that he possesses an incredibly powerful artifact known as the Spear of Destiny, which the Legion of Doom is after.

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  • Dance Moms

    Battle of the Blondes (Season 7 | Episode 9)

    9:00PM | LIFE

    Abby auditions another new dancer to be a member of the team that's heading to Nationals. Later, Brynn, Lilly and Maesi perform solos; and the moms are hopeful about the new dancer, but Ashlee disagrees after her mom insults Brynn.

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  • Face Off

    Abstract Aliens (Season 11 | Episode 1)

    9:00PM | Syfy

    A group of returning all-stars compete in Season 11, which begins with the artists having to incorporate green screen technology when creating unique alien creatures.

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  • Fixer Upper

    Son Surprises His Family With a Major Renovation (Season 4 | Episode 7)

    9:00PM | HGTV

    Kelvin Beachum of the Jacksonville Jaguars secretly teams up with Chip and Joanna to give his empty-nester parents the home of their dreams after they contact the Gaineses for help finding a home in Mexia, Texas, that will accommodate their children and grandchildren for an all-in budget of $160,000.

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  • Moonshiners

    Big City Bootleg (Season 6 | Episode 11)

    9:00PM | DSC

    Josh and Big Chuck go underground to build a new stash site. Mark and Digger venture out of the Smokeys and into the big city for the biggest sale of their careers. Patti and David follow nature's harvest to make a sweet new brew.

  • My Big Fat Fabulous Life

    Knocked Up? (Season 4 | Episode 1)

    9:00PM | TLC

    In the Season 4 premiere, a newly single and blonde Whitney is now a homeowner, but there are still obstacles in her way, including a fight with her new "tenant" and the revelation of shocking news.

  • Teen Wolf

    Memory Found (Season 6 | Episode 9)

    9:00PM | MTV

    Liam and Theo act as decoys while Scott, Lydia and Malia try to remember Stiles.

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  • The Curse of Oak Island

    Presidential Secrets (Season 4 | Episode 12)

    9:00PM | HIST

    Rick heads to the Franklin D. Roosevelt library to learn why the late President was obsessed with Oak Island.

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  • The New Edition Story

    9:00PM | BET

    Part 1 of 3. The lives of five childhood friends from the projects of Roxbury, Mass., change after they form a singing group to win local talent shows and ultimately become the R&B group New Edition.

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  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

    Boys, Blades and Bag of Pills (Season 7 | Episode 8)

    9:00PM | BRAVO

    Eden is suspicious about Kim Richards' sobriety. Also: Lisa Rinna reveals the recipe for her favorite smoothie; Erika Jane performs in Greece; and Dorit shocks the ladies by having Boy George perform at her husband's birthday bash.

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  • This Is Us

    Three Sentences (Season 1 | Episode 13)

    9:00PM | NBC

    Rebecca and Jack become overwhelmed after deciding to throw three separate birthday parties for their kids. In the future, Randall struggles to make time for William; Kevin makes a big decision; and Kate's gastric-bypass journey takes an unexpected turn.

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  • Bones

    The Final Chapter: The Price for the Past (Season 12 | Episode 4)

    9:01PM | FOX

    Aubrey's dad resurfaces and immediately presents a moral dilemma for him. Meanwhile, the murder of someone from Booth and Brennan's past is investigated.

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  • Chicago Fire

    Who Lives and Who Dies (Season 5 | Episode 11)

    10:00PM | NBC

    Dawson has difficulties keeping her emotions in check during a run with a pregnant teen; Casey makes a split-second decision at a fire scene when two victims both need life-saving assistance; and Severide and Anna bond during her recovery.

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  • Chopped

    Oodles of Noodles (Season 32 | Episode 4)

    10:00PM | FOOD

    Noodle or pasta dishes must be served each round. First, the basket ingredients point the chefs in an Asian direction. Then, they crank out fresh pasta. Finally, they use their noodles to come up with clever desserts that fit the theme.

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  • House Hunters

    Character in Connecticut (Season 122 | Episode 8)

    10:00PM | HGTV

    A young couple agree that they've outgrown their small house and are ready for more land to expand their hobby farm. But how big they want to go is up for debate: She's thinking a Colonial-style home on 5 acres, while he has ideas of a farmhouse with a barn and outbuildings on as many as 50 acres.

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  • Killing Fields

    The Search Warrant (Season 2 | Episode 4)

    10:00PM | DSC

    The detectives search for physical evidence linking Tommy Francise to the murder of Curtis Smith, as they continue their investigation with only a confession and no body.

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  • Ladies of London

    You Regatta Be Kidding Me (Season 3 | Episode 9)

    10:00PM | BRAVO

    The women journey to a high-society rowing event, but there's a sinking feeling when Adela confronts Juliet over her constant negativity. Also: Sophie is cornered for her loyalty to family over friends; Caroline Fleming tries to connect with her past; and Marissa consults a doctor about her health.

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  • Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Wake Up (Season 4 | Episode 11)

    10:00PM | ABC

    May searches for the truth about what happened to her and Aida plans a desperate move that could put everyone in danger.

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  • NCIS: New Orleans

    Hell on the High Water (Season 3 | Episode 12)

    10:00PM | CBS

    Pride investigates a murder on a deep-sea-oil rig, where the team discover a dangerous gas leak that threatens to cause a catastrophic explosion. Elsewhere, Sebastian begins his special-agent training at FLETC.

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  • Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

    10:00PM | HBO

    Segments include an extended profile of former NFL player Kevin Turner, who battled ALS until his death in 2016, and his son Nolan, a redshirt freshman for the Clemson Tigers. Also: lineman John Urschel, who is pursuing a Ph.D in math from MIT.

  • Taboo

    Episode 3 (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    10:00PM | FX

    James takes radical action to protect himself from his enemies.

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  • Teachers

    Stranger Danger (Season 2 | Episode 2)

    10:00PM | TVLAND

    New security is hired after a trespasser hits Fillmore; a "Women Empowering Women" workshop is held by Ms. Snap and Ms. Bennigan; Mrs. Adler takes the concept of "stranger danger" too far; and Ms. Watson buys a male safety dummy.

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  • Sweet/Vicious

    An Innocent Man; Pure Heroine

    10:02PM | MTV

    Jules, now reconciled with Kennedy, reports her sexual assault to the Darlington Title IX office for a proper trial, which forces everyone involved to rehash the events of that night.

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  • Forged in Fire

    Cavalry Saber (Season 3 | Episode 13)

    10:03PM | HIST

    Bladesmiths are challenged forge the barrel of a gun into a knife, with two finalists competing to craft the best cavalry saber.

  • Tattoo Girls

    The Hairy Wolf Tattoo (Season 1 | Episode 1)

    10:03PM | TLC

    An all-female team of tattoo artists cater to a diverse slate of clients in Springfield, Mo., in this reality series, which begins with a man wanting a below-the-belt tattoo and another whose body hair requires a call to the local waxing salon. Also: The staff have an animated girls' night out.

  • House Hunters International

    Rough Waters in Groningen (Season 101 | Episode 8)

    10:30PM | HGTV

    An engineer advances his career with a move to Groningen, Netherlands, where he and his globe-traveling wife hope to give their 2-year-old daughter an adventure that feels different from suburban Ohio. As different, perhaps, as living on a houseboat.

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  • Throwing Shade

    10:30PM | TVLAND

    Comedians Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi discuss Senate confirmation hearings; Louisiana's Attorney General; "The Shade List;" the inauguration; yoga pants; PDA; and America's hottest rabbit.

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