Medium Medium

9/8c CBS
Matriarchal medium Allison DuBois rematerializes in a fresh episode about otherworldly redemption. It all begins with an investigation into a serial-killing spree, a case that unfolds with a twist when the prime suspect turns up dead. Before long, Allison has a close encounter of the bizarre kind: The ghost of the suspect reaches out to her, seemingly in an effort to redeem himself, reconnect with his girlfriend — and perhaps even to assist in the case. Meanwhile, Joe is asked to assess a novel authored by his boss. — Dean Maurer

Suite Life on Deck

8:30/7:30c Disney
Charo, the flamboyant comedienne and top-notch flamenco guitarist, is a delight in this silly episode in which she plays the controlling mother of Esteban (Adrian R'Mante), the Tipton Hotel bellman, who comes aboard ship to get married. Unfortunately, mom doesn't approve of her son's bride and tries to break up the happy couple before the ceremony. Charo, of course, utters her trademark "cuchi-cuchi" and strums guitar with ease. Younger fans may not be familiar with Charo, but after this episode they aren't likely to forget her. And that's a good thing. — Tim Holland

Shark Tank
9/8c ABC
A second season of aspiring entrepreneurs swimming in the shark-infested waters of potential finance starts up. Child-care service, a salad-dressing recipe, a three-dimensional bike helmet and a golf-ball washer are among the proposals pitched, and the progress of a stay-at-home mom whose line of children's books found backing last season is chronicled. — Fred Mitchell

10/9c Syfy
The crimes of Jack the Ripper may very well be cold-case files, but if those close to you know you're the man behind those grisly slayings, that brutal reputation is going to stick, even if your "ripping" days ended over a hundred years ago. Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl) tries to overcome an image problem of the serial-killer variety when a refugee turns up dead during a rescue mission orchestrated by Magnus and Co. — Michael Chant

John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show
11/10c Comedy Central
It's not hard to imagine that Daily Show correspondent John Oliver is, wherever he goes, likely to be the funniest person in the room. But in this six-episode stand-up series, it's clear he doesn't mind sharing the spotlight as he plays host for some of his favorite comedians on stage at NYU. Fortunately for him — and us — they certainly don't disappoint as tonight's premiere features Maria Bamford, Nick Kroll (as Fabrice Fabrice), Greg Fitzsimmons and a supersize set from Eugene Mirman. — Joe Friedrich