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CNN Mistakes Sex Toys for an ISIS Propaganda Flag

Watch the hilarious "exclusive" report

Sadie Gennis

On Saturday, CNN aired a report of a man waving an ISIS flag at London's gay pride parade. However, the flag wasn't terrorist propaganda as much as it was images of dildos and butt plugs.

CNN International reporter Lucy Pawle spotted the "ISIS" flag and together, she and two colleagues had a serious discussion about its appearance at the parade - at no point during which anyone noticed the flag was actually covered in sex toys.

"It looks like it could be gobbledegook," Pawle said, noting the flag wasn't in Arabic. "But it's very distinctive, the ISIS flag."

"I seem to be the only person who has spotted this," she said, in earnest shock.

Pawle described alerting both the event's organizers and the local police about the flag. Though now she is apparently claiming she never reported it being an ISIS flag at all.

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Unfortunately for Pawle, the Internet exists and you can watch a portion of her original report below.