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A massive fan campaign is underway to earn NBC's Chuck a Season 3 pick-up — and it has even found series star Zachary Levi himself stepping behind the counter of a Subway sandwich shop in London to assemble footlongs for scores of fans. As shown in the video, Levi remarks while standing before a fervent crowd, "You see, NBC? This is what happens when you might cancel a show that people care about!" Click here to watch.

On the occasion of Chuck's season finale (Monday at 8 pm/ET), Levi spoke with about his relationship with super-hot secret agent Sarah, working with amazing guest stars, and the "game-changing" twist to come. Were you surprised that Chuck and Sarah had an all-too-quick make-out session in last week's episode? Have you been happy with the progression of their relationship over the first two seasons?
Zach Levi: Chuck and Sarah's relationship has continued to entice, provoke and, in many cases, frustrate — in the best possible ways — our dedicated audience. And while I can empathize with all of these feelings, I know that it makes for good TV. Move forward in baby steps, make sure it's progressing, but keep the fans, and Chuck, wanting more. Do you think Chuck really trusted his dad before he built the machine to get The Intersect out of his head?
Levi: I do think so, yes. Really, as soon as he found out the truth behind his dad's identity, his issues with their relationship, and the past, were for the most part resolved. If the show continues, could we see more of Chuck's dad? Will he become part of Ellie and Chuck's lives?
Levi: Only the writers could tell you how much more of Chuck's dad we'll get. Well, the writers and Scott Bakula's agent. But if I had it my way, I'd keep him around as much as possible. You've had some really amazing guest stars this season. Who kept you on your toes the most?
Levi: It's difficult to pick out any particular guest star as being better or stronger than any other, partly because it's really so subjective, and partly because I'd hate to be accused of playing favorites. But by saying nothing I'd be missing an opportunity to point out that Tony Hale, though more of a recurring character than a true guest star, is one of the most talented people I've ever worked with. Pick an episode, any episode, and you'll see his talent shine. Which episode this season was overall the most fun to film?
Levi: If I had to pick one, it would be "Chuck vs. The Dream Job." Being able to work with both Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase for the first time was a bit mind blowing. We find out that Orion is Chuck's dad ... and it didn't hurt that I finally got to wear some cool spy gear. Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak have said the season finale is "game-changing." Can you give us a hint at how the show would change in Season 3?
Levi: Since there is no possible way of expressing the game-changing element of the finale and how it will affect a third season, you're just going to wait and see for yourself. Praying for another season wouldn't hurt either.