Mayim Bialik, Jon Hamm Mayim Bialik, Jon Hamm

Wednesday's Screen Actors Guild nominations were out with the old, but not totally in with the new. Former awards darling Mad Men was nowhere to be found, while fresh faces came in the form of usual suspects at other awards shows. Check out our surprises and snubs below, and then tell us yours.

Breaking Bad, Big Bang top SAG Awards nominations


Arrested Development:
 After a poor showing at the Emmys, Arrested did about as well it could do with the SAGs, snagging comedy ensemble and actor (Jason Bateman) nods. (It received the same nominations for its second season nine years ago.) The Netflix revival might have been underwhelming and divisive, and has since been overshadowed by both Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards in terms of buzz and awards prowess, respectively, but remember that the SAGs reward acting. And you can't deny that the cast was solid as Iraq

Anna Gunn: SAG was slow getting onboard the Breaking Bad train — it didn't contend until 2010 and Bryan Cranston waved the flag as the show's sole nominee until 2012 when the drama earned its first ensemble nod — but it's fully a member of the zeitgeist now after handing Gunn a nod. What's most impressive about Gunn's breakthrough nomination is that the SAGs don't have supporting TV categories, where she would've competed and where she won the Emmy.

Mayim Bialik: Just two years after first nominating the Big Bang Theory ensemble and a year after Jim Parsons' first nod, the SAGs give Parsons' on-screen other half a well-deserved nod. And Bialik, a two-time Emmy nominee, didn't have it easy getting in: She made the cut over SAG favorite Betty White, perennial nominee Sofia Vergara and perennial awards bridesmaid Amy Poehler. Might this forebode a big award win for TV's biggest comedy?

Game of Thrones gets back in the game: It's one thing to rebound, but it's another to rebound and improve. The HBO drama was dropped last year from the ensemble lineup after one nomination, and has not only found its way back in, but Peter Dinklage also earned a nomination over former nominees Jon Hamm and Damian Lewis, and fellow supporting star Aaron Paul. 

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