Anna Torv, Hugh Laurie, Chris O'Donnell Anna Torv, Hugh Laurie, Chris O'Donnell

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How is Nolivia different than Olivia on Fringe? — Ken
The season premiere, titled simply "Olivia," addresses that question in an unexpected way. You see, not only has Olivia been kidnapped and imprisoned "over there," but her captors are trying to forcibly convince her that she is Nolivia. They start with her marksmanskip skills.

Will Callen get some answers about who's been following him in the NCIS: Los Angeles premiere? — Maggie
Yeah, I'd like that answer as well, but executive producer Shane Brennan says that solving that riddle would give away the series' ultimate end. Instead, he promises smaller bits of insight. "The truth of what he finds out is startling," Brennan says. "It's a mystery now, and the further he goes down the rabbit hole, the deeper the mystery gets." Instead, Brennan says to keep your eyes on Callen's boss: "There's a little moment at the very end of Episode 2 that lifts the veil on Hetty. It's setting up something that comes later in the season that will be one of the most powerful episodes we do all season."

I'm so excited for House and Cuddy, sitting in a tree! Give me House scoop. — Katy
Well, before Huddy settles into a normal-couple rhythm, we'll get the rom-com, soft-focus sex scene we've all been waiting for, including a scar kissing that is actually quite touching. But if the cranky doc pitching woo makes you want to retch, there's this: Thirteen is leaving! It's no spoiler to say that she is taking a leave of absence from Princeton-Plainsboro and has booked a flight to Rome. But why Rome, bella Tredici? That is indeed the question.

What can you tell me about The Big Bang Theory? Jimmy
ADAM:  We're hearing that Raj's cousin, who is visiting from India, will go on a date with Leonard — and it, and she, will be a wild one. Meanwhile, Wolowitz takes a very different approach to romance when he gets, um, very hands-on with a robotic arm that belongs to NASA.

It seems like there are a lot of new characters on 90210 this season. I'm concerned. — James
MICKEY: Don't be, they're full of surprises. (But you didn't hear it from me.) The new girl at West Bev used to make adult films with Navid's porn-producer papa, and Liam's sketchy benefactor is dealing more than fake purses. I hate gossip, don't you?

Any Kevin-Scotty spoilers from Brothers & Sisters? — Wendy
You know about the couple adopting a troubled teen. What you don't know is that Kevin, who was baby-crazy last year, is initially opposed to the idea. He's taken the surrogate's miscarriage badly, and worse, he won't even talk to Scotty about it. Possibly because he's as torn-up over Robert as Kitty is.

Will The Good Wife's Eli clean up his act this season? I hope not! — Carole
MICKEY: Let's ask Alan Cumming. "I do something at the start of the season that, if [Alicia] ever finds out, there will be trouble," he says. If you're thinking that something has to do with that fateful call in the cliff-hanger, you're right, and duh — of course she finds out. "There are fireworks ahead," Cumming warns.

What more can you tell me about James Remar's guest role on Private Practice? Samantha
He plays an old friend of Pete's whose ethical standards aren't exactly the highest. "He accepts donations from some questionable characters so that he can help people who are less fortunate," Remar says. His reunion with Pete (Tim Daly) makes an impact. "[Pete] gets really turned on to doing emergency medicine again," Daly says, "which kind of takes care of his adrenaline."

I understand that Bree needs to move on after Orson, but Brian Austin Green? Really, Desperate Housewives? Crazy! — Marilou
MICKEY: Marcia Cross agrees with you! "When I heard that Brian Austin Green would be joining the show, I never in a million years thought it would be for me," she says. But Bree's new contractor makes for an interesting palate cleanser after Orson's starchy traditionalism. It's just a shame about that temper of his.

I am badly in need of some killer Dexter scoop!Brad
Rita's murder sends Dexter on the run from the FBI, but our favorite blood-spatter analyst can't disappear too easily: He gets shot within the first three episodes of Season 5 — but not with a bullet.

Parenthood is nothing without Lauren Graham — what's she up to this season? — Matthew
  That Sarah Braverman is a gigantic flirt. It's no wonder that the on-a-good-day dyspeptic Adam is even more irritated when his sister joins his company and almost immediately finds not one, but two co-workers with which to behave inappropriately. One of them is Adam's boss.

Why did Sons of Anarchy kill off Hale? — Will
ADAM: Creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter says his writing team developed a "Plan B" in case the contract negotiations with the actor, Taylor Sheridan, went south. "Ultimately, we all creatively fell in love with Plan B, and that became the decision and we moved ahead," Sutter says, noting that the decision also allows new character growth for Unser. "What happens when Unser has to actually be a cop?" Sutter asks. "Everything he does, even his relationship with Sons, has been about protecting Charming. He really has to decide this season between Charming and the Sons."

Adam's Mega Rave: If you're not watching Rubicon (and unfortunately most of you aren't), you're missing Arliss Howard's delightfully twisty performance as puppetmaster Kale. Who else could hire Maggie as a spy while ratting her out to Will, and still be the only person either of them trusts?

Mickey's Mini Rant: I don't need everything tied in a bow, True Blood, but a show that makes us wait nine months between seasons owed us more closure.

(Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams and Kate Stanhope)

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