CSI's Ray Langston may finally have his shot to end Nate Haskell once and for all.

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Thursday's finale (9/8c, CBS) finds Langston (Laurence Fishburne

) face-to-face with Haskell (Bill Irwin) inside the notorious Dick and Jane Killer's childhood home. Haskell has lured Langston there by kidnapping his ex-wife, Gloria (Tracee Ellis Ross), and Haskell hopes to prove once and for all that he and Langston are two sides of the same coin."Haskell and Langston are reflections of each other, at least in Haskell's mind, executive producer Carol Mendelsohn tells TVGuide.com. "Langston does share a similar background in terms of having an abusive father, growing up in an abusive household. Haskell wants his reflection, his alter ego, to come out and play."And based on the preview clip below, it appears that Langston is more than willing to oblige. "There will be a showdown between Langston and Haskell, and blood will be spilled," executive producer Don McGill says. "Who's blood is spilled is the big question. And who takes responsibility for that blood? Indeed, if Langston's obsession with Haskell leads to murder, Langston's career could be in jeopardy. Also at stake: the entire team's reputation.

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"If [Langston] goes to the darker side, where does the team stand in all of that? Do they have his back?" Mendelsohn says. Adds cast member Jorja Fox: "It's going to put the team in a very unique place — a road that none of them have ever travelled down before. All of the characters on the show have to examine or re-examine their beliefs about certain things, their ethics."No matter who survives, Mendelsohn and McGill suggest that Langston could be forever changed. "If you dance the devil, if you flirt with a dark side, evil has a way of taking control of you," McGill says. "If you unleash the beast, can you put that beast back in the bottle?"CSI's Season 11 finale airs Thursday at 9/8c.