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Your move, NBC.

Asked whether or not The Voice would premiere its third season this fall — where it would have to compete with the noise of Fox's The X Factor — producer and host Carson Daly said they're go for launch if NBC is.

"Well, we'd certainly be excited about the opportunity to put the show, that people are so passionate about, on again," Daly told reporters Wednesday at NBC's summer preview session. "On the production side, we're ready to go. The truth it it's a call from the network that we haven't gotten yet."

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Reports surfaced in recent months that NBC was considering slotting the third season of the music competition, which drew 8.8 million viewers to Tuesday's results episode, later this year. All four coaches — Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green — have already signed up for another cycle.

Elsewhere in the session, Shelton addressed Tuesday's shocking elimination, which saw his team's power singer Erin Willett live to see another day while young country bumpkin RaeLynn was cut. Shelton said his decision was based entirely on their final performances. "I went into that show last night thinking I would pick RaeLynn if they did an equal job because as a country artist, I feel like I could help her along," he said. "[But] Erin had a better performance and I felt like it was my job sitting in that red chair to do the right thing."

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Both Shelton and Green also said they were still reeling from Aguilera's surprising call to remove Jesse Campbell from her team. He had been considered one of this season's frontrunners. Said Green: "We definitely don't share the same strategies as coaches. It was very unbelievable... I was speechless."

Daly, however, said that there's a method to her madness. "She wants people she wants to continue to work with," he said.

What do you think? Is there an appetite for more Voice this fall? Will you also watch The X Factor? Were you surprised by RaeLynn and Jesse's eliminations?