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Even though shooting on Season 12 of American Idol is more than two months in, it's clear that the judges are still trying to avoid the F-word. No, not the bleepable profanity, but that other F-word: feud!

During a break from shooting Hollywood Week on Wednesday in Los Angeles, the judges did their best to answer probing questions without fueling reports of a beef between newcomers Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Host Ryan Seacrest offered this diplomatic assessment of the judging panel that also includes new face Keith Urban and Idol vet Randy Jackson: "Individually, each one of those judges has a very specific point of view and a very specific opinion. And often they'll argue for the contestants that they believe in. And often they don't agree. They have to come to a consensus at some point. But I think that you'll see throughout this season really strong, individual, spirited opinions across the board."

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